Why cant whales smell?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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They smell like the ocean unless they are dead then they smell like sushi!

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They don't have a nose.

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Pungent sea food smell

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Q: Why cant whales smell?
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What whales can smell?

whales can't smell! dumbbutt jk lol they cant smell because they shoot water hole!

What do killer whales smell like?

random whales and flab

Do whales have a sense of smell?

no kate1218

How do whales smell?

No. While many whales have vestigial noses and scent receptors, they have no brain area connected to these organs. (per the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals)

Do whales reproduce in captivity?

They cant keep Whales in captivity but if your talking about Killer Whales and other Whales like Balugas then yes they do.

What animals cant smell?

All animals can smell, they do smell and can.

Do killer whales smell?

they dont have olfactory lobes

Why did whales lose their sense of smell?

nobody knows

Why can whales submerge so far and humans cant?

because whales are wanna-be fish

What do beluga whales live in?

beluga whales cant live in a state they live in the water

How can you tell what mood killer whales are in?

you cant

What sealife eats whales?

sharks eat baby whales but grown whales cant be eaten unless dead!!1