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Q: Why cant you adopt a pet than buying one in a store?
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Why is it good to adopt pets?

It's good because then you don't have to buy the animals in a store. And it's cheaper to adopt pets than buying them in a store.

Are there any disadvantages with buying a game from the Playstation Store rather than buying one from a real store?

yes, the game from the PlayStation store is usually more expensive than it in the shop, also they take up allot of memory and cant be sold back to the store if you don't like it or are bored of it.

What types of clothing are better to buy in store rather than online?

It's really a personal preference kind of thing when buying clothes in store than online. Many would probably prefer buying underwear and such in a store so they have an idea of where it's been.

is it cheaper to buy inkjet ink online or in a store?

Buying ink online can sometimes be the cheaper option compared to buying it in store, however often times shipping will cause the price to be greater than expected when buying online.

Is buying clothes more than just buying a uniform?

yes buying clothes is more than buying a uniform, you actually have to worry about the color scheme and cant just throw on kaki pants with a blue shirt and not worry about anything. ask for more information if you need it! ----

Is there any way to get all costumes in the store of poptropica?

Other than buying them, no.

What are the disadvantages of buying name brand products over the store brand equivalents?

The biggest disadvantage to buying a name brand product over the store brand is the cost. Store brands are usually cheaper in price than name brands.

What are the benefits of buying Clinique moisturizers online?

Buying Clinique products online is no different than buying them at the store. However, buying these products online often offers more variety and of course cheaper prices.

Is buying guinea pigs from the pet store healthier than buying guinea pigs from people that give them away?

It sounds fair buying them from either, but it does depend on how well they treat the guinea pigs..

Why is it better to adopt a pet at an adoption center than a pet store?

if you adopt a pet from a pet store you are giving a healthy well fed and looked-after pet a home... but if you adopt a injured or un-loved cat you will save its life NO well that's kinda right. The reason to adopt a pet is better because dogs at pet stores are coming from puppy mills. If you stop buying from pet stores dogs,ppuppy mills will go out of bussness.puppy mills are bad place that keep t he dogs in wired cages out side and kill them if they get to old,AND if the dog barks to much the mills worker will get a metal pipe and gab it down the poor ppuppies throught. So if you addopt from a center you will stup pupppy mills.ADOPT DON'T BUY!

What type of products does the website Parson's Table sell?

There is no such website. There are other websites that sell parsons tables. Some are cheaper than the other. If you are looking for this you are better of buying them from a local store than buying them online.

What are the advantages of buying a printer online?

Typically online you would be able to compare prices of the printers easier than you would be going from store to store. You can also find a wider variety of deals available online than you could in store.

How do you get other clothes other than buying them from the store on poptropica?

you push the custemizer button the t-shirt

Is there a LimeWire app for ipod touch?

You cant illegally download songs from your iPod, it will allow you on computer, and then transfer to the iPod but other than buying from iTunes or Transferring from computer, you cant get music unfortunately.

Where can i buy finishing paints?

If you are in a major/large city, you can most likely find a paint store. They will carry them, and are usually cheaper than say, buying them from a general store.

Where do you buy swim suits that are cheap?

you can buy some online on speedo. search it up. or you can go to the store. buying online is cheaper than buying in a store. if you are in a hurry then buy it a a shop. you can ask your friends. hope it helps! if it didn't. go on yahoo answers and it might tell you! :) thank you!

What are the advantages of buying computer games online?

The advantages of buying computer games online are: instant delivery of game, no movement required to get to a store, and online purchases are usually cheaper than physical copies.

How do you buy jeans that will fit good after buying and washing?

go to the store and try on some pants and than what ever size you are order them

How do you have a baby on sims 3 ipod?

you cant,you can only have them on sims 3:ambitions which is more cheaper than the sims 3,which i dont understand:L but yeah,you cant have babies?you can get married&stuff but no babies,dont even think you can adopt one?oh well..

Where can you buy soccer merchendice to open a soccer store?

you could try walmart, if you cant find it there than sorry

Why is it better to buy a dog?

There are many pros and cons of buying a dog (in contrast to adopting one). When you buy a dog, they are usually pretty well taken care of, but not trained. They may be loud and use the entire house as their bathroom!However, if you adopt a dog, that dog usually has been harmed/abused before, and if they are, they are not as outgoing and are more frightened of things. The dog might be underweight and not as healthy as a store-bought dog.But, when you adopt a dog, you are saving two dogs--the one you bought, and you allow another homeless dog to come into the shelter. Store-bought dogs usually cost from $500+, and adoption usually costs about $100-$350. Store-bought dogs in cases sometimes tend to be happier and more outgoing than adopted dogs, since they are usually not harmed/abused/homeless, fending for themselves/wild. However, if you adopt, you save 2 dogs. There are many pros and cons to buying a dog in contrast to adopting one. I hope you'll come to the right decision!

How do vending machines benefit people?

Vending machines benifit people because you don't have to give money to a cashier person, they can be cheaper than if you buy the object you are buying from a store, and it can be at a place where there is no store.

Why wont the states aprove medical marijuana in every states?

because the government cant tax it so if they cant have it they dont want anyone to have it and make money off of it thats why people get in trouble mostly for selling than they do for buying it

Why is going to store better then buying online?

The only true benefit to buying from a brick and mortar rather than online is that you have access to a tangible good before purchasing, which can be especially important when purchasing goods such as shoes and clothing.

What is the average price of a new Leapster case?

The average price of a new Leapster case is 14.99. You could however find them cheaper on amazon or ebay, for about 12.99. Buying online would be cheaper than buying at a store.