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Why cant you all get along?

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Because we are humans - not perfect. We sin, we have free will. In our lives, we can hate, be jealous, evil towards others, steal, etc. And all we can do is pray to God to help us become better people, and then we can all get along:)

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Basically, cant we all just get along.

Why cant we all get along?

Because some false historians are dead set on the blaming the victim.

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That whites and blacks cant get along It shows that there is tension between white and blacks and that it was hard for Americans to get along with other races initally but if they are forced to spend heaps of time together that they can get along and that you can put anything behind you if you try hard enough. Blacks and Whites can and do get along and in the film it shows that - we are all humans and racism is pathetic

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