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1.Pluto is so cold because it does not get heat from the Sun,Temperature:-230 Cecilius.

2.There is no food or water.

3.There is no oxygen.

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Can you live on pulto?

NO! You cant live on Pluto because it is way to cold!!

Why people cant live on Pluto?

People can't live on Pluto mainly for two reasons:There's no air on's cold enough to freeze oxygen into a solid.

What is a creature that can live on Pluto?

it has to be something that cant absorb anything or has to have fur.

Why did George Bush and Bill Clinton send astronauts to Pluto although it is a dwarf star in which you cant live on?

They did not send astronauts to Pluto. Also, Pluto is a dwarf planet, not a dwarf star.

Can we live on Pluto?

No we can't live on Pluto

Why cant people live on Pluto?

Because the geospheric baldonce pressure would be pushing 1000,000 pounds on you and you would be low on air. Pluto actually does have eight people living on it though. The cost to live there is about eighty million dollars.

Can you see Pluto with the naked eye?

no you cant, because Pluto is to far away and to small.

Pluto cant be seen from earth without a telescope why?

1. Pluto is small. 2. Pluto is VERY far away.

How many live in Pluto?

There is no life on Pluto, that we know of.

Where the scientists live in Pluto planet?

No one lives in or on Pluto. No one has visited Pluto.

Does Pluto can come back in your solar system?

We all do not know!there could be a chance for pluto but we cant predict the future

Are there a live alien in Pluto?


Did people live on Pluto?


Pluto is a very darkcold planet if life discovered on Pluto what kind of animal might live there?

Pluto is a moon

What kind of a creature could live on Pluto?

no creature. Pluto is an ice ball, basicly. the sun does not reach Pluto so it is very cold. All life needs sunlight, oxogen and water to live. there is none of that on Pluto.

Is there gravity and oxygen on Pluto that humans maybe able to live there?

Pluto has gravity, but not oxygen. It is too cold for humans to live there.

How long would a commercial aircraft take to reach Pluto?

2284 days for someone or thing to reach pluto but you cant land on it

Does Pluto have ice and rocks inside of it?

No. Not inside of it. But the outer layer does due to the fact that pluto cant reache the sun's warm rays.

Where does Pluto live?

with mickey and mini

Is Pluto so small you cant even put a spaceship on it?

Pluto is certainly large enough to put many space ships on it. Were we able to get there.

What planet is no matter how hard you look you cant find me?

That is Pluto. Since Pluto is a dwarf planet you can't find it, because it is so small.

Why couldn't you live on Pluto?

You couldn't live on Pluto because it is too cold. The planet is too far away from the sun's warming rays.

What lives on planet Pluto?

Nothing. it is to cold to live on Pluto but there could be something no one knows ....

How many cats are there in Pluto?

None because Pluto is too cold for any living creature to live in therefore there are no cats living in Pluto.

Which planet is the one that how hard you look you cant see it unless you have a telescope?