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Some spirits you can see but you have to look hard, I don't think they can see us you might have to have a professional look at that part.


(Paranormal Investigators of Hardin County)

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Q: Why cant you see spirits but they can see us?
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Are there ghosts or spirits in this world?

Yes, but you cant always see them.

When can you see a ghosts?

U cant see ghosts, these only spirits, but they can't hurt or harm u.

What are the monsters on Paranormal Activity called?

they are like real people but the naked eye cant see them but even though you cant see them, they can still touch you , grab you and get into your spirits.

Where to buy a melometer in which you can speak to spirits with?

i learned you cant buy them in stores you have to look online and see where to buy them.

Do ghost attact?

No They Can No Attact If That Is What You Mean? :L They Cann see Us But We Cant See Them The cant do NOTHING to us

Can you hide from demons?

no you cant they are spirits

Can baby's see spirits?

Supposedly it is the case in the TV show "Ghost Whisperer" but it could be true if you believe in ghosts and spirits. No. Babies cannot see imaginary things unless they suffer from mental illness. "Ghost Whisperer" is a fictional television show, not a documentary.

What does microscopes allow us to do?

they allow us to see things that you cant see with the naked eye

Do you see spirits when you are a baby?

There is no evidence to confirm nor refute the claim that infants see spirits.

Do spirits listen to you and answer?

yes they do listen to human but they cant read the text

What do spirits see?

a whole lot more than we do! when we came to earth we were covered by a metaphorical veil which made us forget life before we came here and is what prevents us from seeing all spiritual things around us. they can see us and everything else there is to see

Can you partially see spirits?