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It is running hotter than it should. At shutdown, the temperature will go up and the engine will boil over. Engines today can have an operating temperature of as high as 265 Degrees Fahrenheit. When they are under pressure the coolant will not boil. Release the pressure and they boil over. You need to check a few things. Replace the radiator cap and see if that helps. It may not be holding the pressure. If so, that was probably the problem. If not, replace the thermostat and flush the system. A good thermostat will be ruined by overheating. Other possible causes of overheating are a bad fan or an electric fan that does not continue to run at shutdown. Loose belt, that is not turning the pump properly, exhaust back pressure due to a clogged converter, dragging brakes, and an engine over advanced in timing. answer generally if coolant boils over after shutdown, u have to much coolant in system wait till car is cooled down then check coolant level in over-flow tank there should be 2 marks one says cold level ,1 says hot level when car is cold make sure it is at cold level and not above

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Q: Why causes a car to boil over after shutdown?
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What causes radiator boil over in 1998 blazer?

it has a cracked head The above answer would be an extreme condition to cause this problem. Usually a car overheats because of either low coolant level or a stuck or bad thermostat.

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The batery is most likely too smal and when the car drawls the amprage that it nneeds it causes the acid to boil. Fix this by instaling a larger batery.

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What makes the water in the reservoir boil out on my car?

The water in the reservoir might boil out in your car if your thermostat is not working correctly. You might also be having an issue with your cooling fan.

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you have a blown head gasket

What causes a 2001 cadillac deville to boil water?

bad water pump, low coolant, blown headgaskets, if the car has been overheated, there is a good chance the head gaskets are blown

Will my car run with out an auto shut down relay?

No. The auto shutdown relay powers the fuel system.

What does an increase in pressure on the surface of water do to the boiling point?

It will raise the boiling point. This why, for example, car radiators have a pressure cap. This causes a rise in the boiling point of the water and it is less likely to boil.

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for help ; open the third & fourth link on :

Would a craked reservoir cap cause your car to run hot it is leaking from the cap?

A Cracked reservoir Cap would in most cases cause your car to over heat. After your car has ran a while, and built up pressure it would begin to loose water in the form of steam. Once your car is parked and shut off it will then begin to loose water. Once parked your car looses compression which causes the water to boil instead of steam. You would then loose water at a faster rate emptying your radiator and causing your car to run hot.

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