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Q: Why couldn't Luke's parents complain about the housing development The book among the hidden?
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What is a sentence for devolopment?

His years of smoking and chewing tobacco led to his development of throat cancer. What can parents do to encourage language development in their toddlers? A new housing development is going up just across the highway from us.

What is what teenagers most complain about?

school, friends, and parents

How do you tell parents that they complain too much?

by telling them in a letter.

What are the names of Miranda Cosgroves parents?


How do you get out of special needs?

Have your parents complain to the principle. It works. Trust me. That's how I got out.

Do parents have a role in the development of a human being?

yes, parents have a vital role in the development of human being

How would you use din in a sentence?

My parents shut down the party when the neighbors began to complain about the din!

find housing for my parents.?

I would get in touch with your local housing authority. Your parents can get on a rental program with very low rent due each month. It would really help them out.

Why did Andy kitten leave the cactus cuties?

because her parents couldnt handle the cactus cuties' hectic schedule

What are some things a teenage girl may complain about?

Everything. Parents, boys, clothes, hair, homework, school, weight, the amount of money they/ their parents have, siblings, chores etc...

What do you do if your parents don't let you use a hair staightener?

Complain and beg until they get frustrated and let you use the hair staightener.

Role of parents in curriculum development?

Parents can play an important role in curriculum development. Parents are aware of the challenges of their children so participating in the development of the curriculum will ensure that their child's needs are being met. Additionally, this gets parents involved in their child's education which will increase the likelihood of the curriculum's reinforcement at home.