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Q: Why deltaic alluvium is more fertile than the coastal alluvium?
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Why the coastal regions more populated?

the land is fertile there.

Why are eastern coastal plains more fertile than western coastal plains?

because eastern coastal plains has many rivers such as mahanadi, kaveri etc flowing through them which makes it fertile.

Can flooding be good?

yes because floods bring alluvium, which helps crops grow it makes crops fertile. There are more fish for fisherman,so they get more money and food.

Why would a civilizaton choose to live near a river that regularly floods?

rivers leave fertile soil along their banks after floods

What is the difference between old alluvium and new alluvium?

Alluvium refers to clay, silt, sand, gravel, or similar detrital material deposited by running water. New alluvium are these sediments that are being deposited right now and older alluvium refers to sediments that were deposited a short while before the new alluvium. For example, a 500 years ago some sediments were deposited in a stream bed and last year more sediments were deposited in that same stream bed. The 500 year old sediment would be older alluvium and the 1 year old sediment would be the younger alluvium.

What are the land covers of Oman?

Much of the land coverage of Oman is flat deart,rising to mountains behing the coastal plain. It is more fertile in the north.

What is comparative and superlative degree of fertile?

more fertile, most fertile

What is the superlative for fertile?

Most fertile is the superlative for fertile.

Are males more fertile if they are a virgin?

No. Being a virgin does not make a male more fertile. Losing his virginity will not make him more fertile either.

Why is the soil of plains so much more fertile?

It is much more fertile because of the amount of water it has. the minerals from the soil also cause fertile soil.

If you have had pid how do you become fertile?

More than likely you are still fertile if you have PID.

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?