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Diabetes is more prevalent in men than women because men develop diabetes at a lower body mass index than women of the same age. Researchers have theories than men are less sensitive to insulin than women.

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Q: Why diabetes is more prevalent in men than women?
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Is diabetes a sex-linked abnormality?

Sometimes. Certain types of diabetes have been found in studies to be more prevalent in women than men. It can also sometimes be linked to race, physical weight, and age. Gestational diabetes is a type found only in women, since it is brought on by pregnancy.

Does everyone get the same symptoms of diabetes?

Not everyone has the same symptoms when it comes to diabetes, though some symptoms are more prevalent than others. Some of those include: unquenchable thirst, excessive urination, weight loss, and fatigue.

What can pcos turn into?

Women with PCOS can develop serious health problems, especially if they are overweight: Diabetes—more than half of women with PCOS develop type 2 diabetes by age 40. Kindly visit this blog for more info: lotuswomencare

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Can woman get a high risk of diabetes then men?

If your talking about sugar dieabetes than yes because, women have a tendacy of eating more sugar and calories than men yes they do

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What is a safe amount of carbohydrates when you have gestational diabetes?

Women with gestational diabetes should target to eat no more than 45 grams of carbs at each meal. They should always be paired with protein, dairy and vegetables to maintain balance.

How many men develop osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis often is thought of as disease more prevalent in women, but more than two million men have the disease characterized by decrease in bone mass and density.

Can gestational diabetes turn into type 1 diabetes?

In most women, diabetes goes away after the baby is born and placenta delivered. The extra hormones in your body are what causes the insulin resistance. Once you aren't pregnant anymore and the hormones go away, your body goes back to normal insulin production. That is the case for most women, but in some women diabetes continues after pregnancy. It is also common for women who have had gestational diabetes to develop Type 2 diabetes later on in life. As always, it is smart to maintain a diabetic diet (low carb/low sugar).

Diabetes Statistics?

In the United States, there are more than 25 million adults and children that suffer from diabetes. What's even worse is that more than 7 million people have diabetes but have not been diagnosed with it because they have not visited a doctor.

Does a pregnant women with diabetes take different prescriptions than a pregnant women without diabetes?

A pregnant woman's diabetes is generally controlled through diet, exercise and insulin (when needed). Medications are generally used in moderation with pregnancy because of the possible side effects on a fetus.

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