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The end of ABBA

In December 1978 cracks started to appear in this magic when Björn and Agnetha announced their divorce, only two months after Benny and Frida got married. They stated that this would not influence their professional collaboration. ABBA continued recording and even went on world tour. But then, when Benny and Frida also got divorced after just 2 years of marriage in February 1981, ABBA gradually started to disband. The four of them had always stated that they would continue with ABBA as long as it would give them pleasure. Of course their divorces had made the collaboration less joyful, but also professionally they all wanted to do something different. Björn and Benny, after 10 years of ABBA, were keen on trying something new in the field of theatrical music. During the autumn of 1981 they had a meeting with Tim Rice the lyricist of successful musicals like 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Evita'. On August 20th 1982 the last ever ABBA song 'The day before you came' was recorded.

They never split up officially. Over the ensuing years Björn and Benny would be occupied with their new project, the musical 'Chess'. Frida and Agnetha started working on their solo projects. Just as they had come together they grew apart again, each going their own way.

In the mid eighties the general public lost interest in the music of ABBA. Critics kept on portraying them as only commercial and superficial. But since the late nineties both public and critics have rediscovered ABBA's qualities. A whole new generation is appreciating ABBA's music and lyrics again.

The best proof of the renewed interest in ABBA is the musical 'Mamma Mia!' based on 22 ABBA songs that had its opening night in London on April 6th 1999 and which has drawn full houses since then. The storyline of the musical, written by Cathryn Johnson, is about a mother and her daughter Sophie, on the eve of Sophie's wedding to Guy. Before the big day the daughter wants to discover the identity of her father. The idea for the musical came from Judy Craymer, who also co-produced the Ulvaeus/Andersson stage show 'Chess' in 1986, and asked Björn and Benny for permission. Björn has been involved in the staging. To enable the music to be performed as closely as possible to the original songs, the music and harmonies had to be written out. For this Björn went back into the studio with a Swedish arranger to listen to the actual master tapes of the ABBA songs. The opening night was attended by Björn and Benny and got a standing ovation after the show. At the end of that year an album with the original cast recording was released.

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Copied from a website of a REAL ABBA fan

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When did ABBA cease?

ABBA ceased to exist as a group in 1982. There was never a decision to break up, they just took a break and never recorded together again.

Did Abba break up?

Yes. The band split and the members divorced.

What year did ABBA break up?

ABBA has never officially announced the end of the band, however, their last new recordings and last live performance were in 1983.

When did ABBA break apart?

In 1982

In which year did ABBA break apart?

January 1983.

What is happening to ABBA?

There is no ABBA anymore. They broke up in 1982.

When will ABBA be coming to England?

ABBA are no longer touring as they split up in 1983.

When was ABBA born?

ABBA was a band that began from 1970 and split up in 1983.

Why did ABBA group break up?

The demise of the group was a by-product of the two broken marriages between the band's members. They were ready to move on, professionally and personally.

What happened to ABBA's break up?

ABBA didn't so much as break up as they just drifted in different directions. They last recorded together in late 1982. There was never a decision to dissolve the band but were just taking a break which has lasted for over 30 years. But they have no interest in being a group again.

How did ABBA split up?

Abba never did split up, officially. They took a break from performing together at the end of 1982 to work on other projects and never regrouped. Some songs they had in the can for a planned ninth album have since been released on compilations and reissued versions of other albums. Of course the two couples at the heart of Abba had divorced by the early 80s which made working together increasingly difficult.

What happened to the ABBA group?

They split up.

When did ABBA split up?

January 1983.

How many pages does Abba Abba have?

Abba Abba has 128 pages.

What was the last year ABBA sang?

In 1983 the members of ABBA decided to 'take a break'. They never recorded after that. Although it was not their intention to disband, the break turned into the permanent end of the group ABBA. For us fans, we would love to see them perform as a group again but the four members are not interested in any kind of a reunion. They have moved on and are all doing different things now. But we have over a decade of music that we can still enjoy. ABBA, thank you for the music.

What do the band members of ABBA look like now?

The Official International ABBA Fan Club has up to date info on the band members.

Is the group ABBA still together?

No, they split up in 1982.

Was ABBA English?

ABBA were Swedish

How was abba created?

how was abba created

In baptism was god faithful to the one called ABBA or was thatin confirmation?

God is Abba. In Latin or something, Abba means daddy. Jesus refers to him as Abba, father, and God. So, God could not be faithful to Abba, because he is Abba.

What swedish city did ABBA come from?

They grew up in different cities.

Is ABBA touring?

No. They split up in 1983 and they said they wouldn't reform.

Where did Abba originate?

ABBA originated in Sweden.

Which one is better ABBA or u2?


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