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Because she wanted to commit suicide with him, it is thought that she took the poison herself.

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Although Adolf Hitler's death is not clear, Adolf Hitler did not die by assassination. It is known that he had suicided with his wife, Eva Braun. Adolf Hitler was known to be killed by a gun while Eva Braun had ingested poison.

Umm well after Hitler and his wife got Hitler just found out that Britain won the war, so he wanted him and his wife (Eva Braun) to kill themselfs.Eva poison HERSELF and Hitler shot himself square in the head.

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 - 30 April 1945) so he died in 1945 He drank poison. He and his wife

They committed suicide on 30 April 1945. It is believed that Eva Braun drank a cyanide poison pill, while Hitler drank poison and shot himself in the head.

Adolf Hitler was married (for a short time) to Eva Braun.

No, Hitler didn't have children but he did have a wife.

well, no but he did have a wife.

no his wife also wanted to die but FYI she also commited suicide by poisoning herself by putting the poison in the water that she drank :) glad i can help.

Hitlers wife was Eva Braun.

Hitler only had one wife, Eva Braun.

Hitler did not have any children, but he and his wife did commit suicide together. His wife took poison and Hitler shot himself.

He had a wife named Eva Braun but no children.

Adolf Hitler was shot himself; Eva Braun swallowed potassium cyanide.

He didn't really poison his wife, she committed suicide with him by taking a cyanide poison pill.

Hitler died on the 30th of April 1945. He committed suicide with Eva Braub who he married the day before. Hitler swallowed poison then shot himself in the mouth. While Eva just swallowed poison. There is a rumour going around saying that Hitler infact did not kill himself and he escaped with his wife.

Adolf Hitler, as the story goes married Eva Braun just before he and she committed suicide.

She killed herself by taking poison.

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He didn't, he shot himself if you are reffering to him committing suicide.

Yeah......He poisoned the sources of german's water

no, Hitler did not poison himself. he actally shot himself and his wife, Eva Braun. They were married the day before.

Yes, her name was Eva Braun and Hitler was only married to her for a day.