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Why did Africans use the dance to celebrate important events?


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so they can spread religion

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They believed dance allowed the spirits to express themselve.

they dance, celebrate, and party a lot. They Dance, CElebrate reunions, and have fiestas.

they dance for ceramonial reasons like funarals or weddings

tribal dance is a dance that africans do it is a special dance for special people like the person who wrote this

For religious purposes

The effects of dance on culture include the closeness and creativity that is shared through dance. Dance also allows a culture to express and share events that are important to the group.

The people of New Zealand dance the Mauluulu dance to celebrate the heroic achievements of their ancestors

The africans in Brazil were taken there as slaves. Samba developed long after the Brazilian africans were freed and is a dance form that developed out of the fusion of cultures, it was not an African dance developed in Africa and taken to Brazil.

I think it comes from West Africa.

From the earliest history of humans, dance has played an important part of the cultural and religious life. In primitive cultures, dance was often used to celebrate the stages of life, such as becoming an adult, marriage and death.

actually, there is. it's an igorot dance/ritual made to celebrate "oneness".

African dance Influenced American dance by the whites watching the africans so the decieded to dance so then it became African-American dancing.

African dance is performed by many people but especially africans as it is there traditional dance.

The 1990's by the africans, europeans and americans

I am from Nigeria and it is in Africa the dance is called the marahab

You can dance and celebrate their cultures.

No. Samba is a Brazilian dance.

Some of the functions of dance are to:celebrateexpress emotionbondexerciseentertain

England celebrate valentines day like us but they dance around

Africans were brought to Jamaica to be used as slaves by the Europeans, much like they did in the US. With them they brought their culture, dance and music.

I think they dance at a powwow

they dance and sing around the capfire

they dance up and down nude in the river

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