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Bulbasaur wanted to go with him.

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Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village in Episode 10 in the Indigo League

ash keeps all of his old Pokemon including bulbasaur but they are in kanto, johto, and hoenn regions and they are in his PC boxes with proffessor oak. technically ash still has his Pokemon. the should come up with an episode when ash sees all of his Pokemon he ever caught. hope this helped!

The episode is "Good 'Quil Hunting."

in epoisode 35 of the Pokemon the legend of dartini

Ash caught Treecko in the seventh episode of the Advanced Generation serries and the two hundred thirty first episode of the Pokemon anime.

waht episode does ash get haunter

try the Pokemon episode gotta catch ya later in the end when ash misty and brock were seprating in misty's flashback the series is called Pokemon masterquest

Yes, ash caught a roggenrolla in episode 696 in season 14 Pokemon black and white.

Episode: "Gotta Catch Ya Later!" "If you ever have any questions about Pokemon you just let me know!"

The episode in which Ash brings his Bulbasaur over to the Hoenn region for the first time is called "Hokey Poké Balls."

Ash captured a Pidgey pokemon in season 5 of the series. Season 5 episode 1 aired in October 2002.

The episode Ash obtains Phanphy is in "Hatching a Plan".

ash heads off to johto in episode 116 "The Rivalry Revival". in "Charizard's Burning Ambition" ash left his charizard in the charicific valley with liza in "Fire-ing Squad" ash competed in the fire and rescue grand prix and squirtle rejoined the squirtle squad as they were lost without a leader ash still owns both charizard and squirtle and can use them at any time bulbasaur remained in ashs party until "Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!" where he sent it to professor oak to stop the Pokemon fighting

The episode in which Ash catches Totodile is the episode that is titled "The Totodile Duel" and its overall episode number is Episode 153.

Ash receives his Phanpy as an egg, in the episode, Extreme Pokemon!

ash gets cyndaquil at episode 143: Good 'Quil Hunting

You must be talking about the episode where ash and tracey get sick from a poisonous Pokemon and that episode is called the stun spore detour

I think Ash catches the "prankster" Pokemon Snorunt on episode 385 which is called Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt.

All the oldest pokemon made, like Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, etc.

episode 1 of pokemon advanced

Pokemon Episode 243: A Great change in Pokemon Magic

Ash never caught Pidgey in any episode in Pokémon.

Ash battled Norman in the episode "Balance of Power."

well ash actuallly gets lost with Lyra , pikachu, dawn pipulup. in diglets cave when they were trying to catch a wild gible Khoury was there too.