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Q: Why did Cleveland change its spelling?
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When did the spelling of Peveril change to Peverill?

There has been no change in spelling, both still apply

Which buttons in the Spelling dialog box will not change the spelling of the word?

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When do adaptation change?

they change when the enviorement changes ps.sorry about my spelling

Who was Cleveland Ohio named for?

Moses Cleaveland. They changed the spelling years later. He laid out the original town, but did not stay.

What is the Gaelic spelling for Tiffany?

Tiffany has no translation in Irish so it's spelling doesn't change.

Sslc state board of tamilnadu mark sheet spelling mistake how can you change?

spelling is wrong

Can I edit my submitted question?

You can change wording and the spelling. You can also change categories.

What name did the Cleveland Indians use after 1995?

In 1915, the Cleveland Lake Shores changed their name to the Cleveland Indians. As of 2014, they are still the Cleveland Indians. There was no name change at any time in the 1990's.

What did the poet change the change the spelling in these three words: clirrior, perde, and derde?

to confuse you

How do you spell Chang?

The spelling "Chang" is a Chinese surname.The similar common word is change (to alter, an alteration, or money returned in a transaction).

What change in Armand does Jerry initially dislike in President Cleveland Where Are You?

Jerry initially dislikes the change in Armand's attitude, as he becomes more arrogant and entitled after obtaining the time-traveling device. He becomes less considerate of others and more focused on his own desires, leading to a strain in their friendship.

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That is the proper spelling for the words "change me". Synonyms include transformation, translation, and metamorphosis.