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Which revolution was Guevara involved in?

Fidel Castros revolution on Cuba against the govt of Batista.

What did Spain and France do during the American Revolution?

They invaded the bay of pigs in cuba.

Who led a rebellion against Spain in Cuba in 1895?

Jose Marti

What was the war to set cuba free from Spain?

The Cuban War of Independence (1895-1898) was the last of three liberation wars that Cuba fought against Spain

Which country was cuba revolting against -Late 1800's?

spain was the country revolting against cuba in late 1800's

What was the country that revolted against Spain during the Spanish American War?


One of the first spanish colonies to rebel against Spain was?


Why didn't American intervene in the war against Cuba and Spain?

Remember the Maine

Did Spain give the us Cuba?

No, Spain did not give Cuba to Spain but, the U.S.A offered to by Cuba in the late 1800s.

In 1898 the US declares war on?

They declare war on Spain, who was then controlling Cuba, while Cuba was losing a revolution. Also thanks to yellow journalism, USA got mad, and declared war on Spain.

When was Cuba claimed for Spain?

Cuba was claimed for Spain in 1498.

This war had the US and Cuba fighting against the Country of Spain?

The Spanish American War.

Where did people against Spain for freedom?

some places are Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico

The French Revolution of 1789 and the Cuban Revolution of 1959 were both caused by who?

french revolution were the people revolting against the monarchy and in cuba it was the people revolting against the dictatorship led by fulgecino babtista

Was the US fighting against Spain for possession of Cuba?

Yes, It was called the spanish-American war. We also fought Spain in the Philippines

When is Triumph of the Revolution in Cuba?

Triumph of the Revolution in Cuba is on January 1.

Why did America intervene in the fight between Spain and Cuba?

America saw the similarities between the struggle in Cuba and the struggle they faced in the American Revolution. They felt a kinship to their cause.

Who was the Socialist who led a successful revolution against Batista in Cuba in the late 1950s?

Fidel Castro

Is Spain in Cuba?

No, Spain is one country and Cuba is another country. Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Ocean and Spain is a country in Europe. During the 19th century Cuba was a Spanish Territory.

Did Spain rule Cuba until 1956?

No, Cuba gained its independence from Spain in 1898.

Which city had two newspapers that used yellow journalism to increase their popularity and call for war against Spain in Cuba?

Which city had two newspapers that used yellow journalism to increase their popularity and call for war against Spain in Cuba? Chicago Miami Washington, DC New York

Why did the U.S. go to war against Spain in 1898?

America reacted to Spanish ruling in Cuba, and took control over Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines

Did Holland colonize Cuba?

No, Spain colonized Cuba.

Is Cuba in the east of Spain?

Cuba is nowhere near Spain! It is located about 90 miles south of Miami in the Caribbean. Spain is in Europe.

When was Museum of the Revolution - Cuba - created?

Museum of the Revolution - Cuba - was created in 1920.