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why did Leonardo da vinci desrtoy his work that was unfineshed

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How many paintings did Leonardo da vinci leave unfinished?

Leonardo Da Vinci left about 62 paintings unfinished due to A.D.D he lost interest on most of them or he was paid more money to do another painting.

What failures did Leonardo da Vinci have?

His unfinished bronze horse, the flying machine, and construction.

Did Leonardo da Vinci finish the 'Mona Lisa'?

Experts maintain there are unfinished details.

Does Leonardo Da Vinci paint famous or poor people?

Da Vinci painted rich people and church themes for the Catholic church. You have to realize that artist of his time needed patrons and they were the rich of their time. The Medici were patrons of the arts and so was the church. He finally went to France, where he died, to paint for the king. One of the interesting things about him is that he left a great deal of unfinished work. He would start a project and not finish it.

Did the church not let Leonardo da Vinci make his helicopter?

No, there is no big church conspiracy as far a Leonardo da Vinci is concerned.

Why did Leonardo de vinci leave many projects unfinished?

His Curiosity was so omnivorous that distractions constantly lured him from one incomplete project to another.

What was da Vinci's unfinished painting in Florence Italy's city hall about?

Da Vinci was commissioned to paint a fresco depicting Florence's battle with the Milanese.

Did the catholic church support Leonardo de vinvinci's work?

The Catholic Church did not support the work of Leonardo da Vinci, it condemned it. The disapproval and condemnation by the church was one of the reasons da Vinci fled to Paris, where he ended up painting the Mona Lisa.

How many finished paintings did Leonardo da Vinci make?

None all of his paintings are unfinished..we don't know why this is. Wether it's because he felt like he didn't need to or something more complex and knowing Da vinci more complex

Was Da Vinci imprisoned by the Catholic Church?

Great heavens! Certainly not, where did you ever get such a notion?

Why did Da Vinci often not get his final payment for his artwork?

Because he used to leave them unfinished (e.g St. Jerome), or didn't meet the customer's request. (e.g Madonna on the Rocks).

Where did Leonardo go?

No one really knows, but a tomb in a church was found with the inscription leonardus vinci.

Donde fuen enterrado Leonardo da Vinci?

In the church of Saint-Florentin at Amboise, France.

Which statement best characterizes Renaissance artists and architects such as Leonardo Da Vinci?

The statement that characterizes Renaissance artists would be that they simultaneously revolted against the church even though they were employed by the church. Some of the artists during this time were Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

What was the name of the church where Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper?

Da Vinci painted the Last Supper in the dining hall of the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie in Milan.

What was the relationship between Leonardo da Vinci and the Roman Catholic church?

He belonged to the church but his life style and some of his experiments in anatomy made the churcxh suspicious.

What was Leonardo Da Vinci not very good at?

He was not very good at finishing something.When ever he started doing something ,he usually took off starting another project while the last project was unfinished.

What church did both Donatello and Michelangelo Da Vinci design?

St. Peter's Basilica I'm not even catholic.

What does da Vinci mean in Leonardo da Vinci?

Vinci is the name of a town. Da Vinci means 'from Vinci'.

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