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Darlie Routier was convicted of killing her two young sons in 1996, but she maintains her innocence. The prosecution argued that she killed her children for financial gain, but Routier claims that an intruder broke into their home and attacked her and her children. The case remains controversial and debated among legal experts and the public.

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Q: Why did Darlie Routier kill her children?
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When was Darlie Routier born?

Darlie Routier was born on 1970-01-04.

Where is Darlie Routier?

Routier sits on Texas' death row in Gatesville, TX.

Is darlie routier ex husband still under suspicion?


Where is Darlie Routier now?

Darlie Routier is housed at Mountain View Unit just outside of Gatesville, TX. Mountain View is where all condemed women in Texas await their execution. Shortly before a scheduled execution the prisoner is moved to Huntsville* where Texas's death chamber is located. *Huntsville is the men's prison.

Did Darlie Routier kill her children or was there an intruder?

Although Routier claims she is innocent, and she has some very loyal and loud supporters (her family), the evidence says otherwise. The blood spatter patterns don't lie, its a matter of physics. Then there is the knife. Not the one that did the killing, the one that was used to cut the screen on a garage window. There were fibers from the window screen down inside the butcher block knife holder that sat on the kitchen counter. Then there is the matter of her story. It changed and evolved until it did not resemble the original. And lastly, there was the infamous 'Birthday' video at the graves of the little boys. Darlie Routier is exactly where she should be. To me, the only mystery is what part did her husband Darren play in the murders. I sometimes find it hard to believe that he could have slept through the whole ordeal. Although suspecting and proving are 2 different things.

Is Darlie Routier getting a new trial?

Darlie and her staunch supporters, which happen to be most of her family, are trying very hard to gain a new trial. Routier sits on Texas's death row for the stabbing murders of her 2 small boys, in Rowlette, TX.Obtaining a new trial is not easy. The convicted must prove that there is sufficient new evidence that could prove their innocence. With advances in DNA and other forensics there have been many people that have been released from prison after being wrongfully convicted. But in the case of Routier, the prosecution had physical and circumstantial evidence including DNA and blood spatter evidence that was very damning. So unless something substantial turns up Darlie will remain on death row. Her chances of being executed are pretty good. Texas has one of the highest execution rates in the country.

When was Darlie Brewster born?

Darlie Brewster was born in Canada.

When is Darlie Routier's execution date?

There has been no DOE (date of execution) for Routier. Her family have been working very hard to sway public opinion in her favor, and it seems to be working. But the state of Texas will not stop an execution of a woman just because of her sex. Just ask Karla Fay Tucker.

When was Carolina Routier born?

Carolina Routier was born in 1990.

Was Darren Routier involved in the murders of two of his children?

Of course anything is possible but it's hard to believe that 2 murders and one 'maybe' assault could have happened without him knowing when he was just upstairs. Not only was his wife Darlie acting strangely, but Darren was also. When question by police immediately after the murders, he was bragging about how beautiful his wife was and commented on her 'lovely breasts'. Police found this more that a little 'off'. This man just lost two of his children and he was preoccupied with his wife's attributes. But suspecting is much different than knowing, and there was no evidence that he took part in the murders. Darlie now sits on death row in a Texas prison trying to drum up some sympathy and a new trial. Good luck with that.

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