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Because the people he lived with and was related to and cared about all died of the same thing. TB he felt cursed and thought it was his fault for the reason of Virginadeath.

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Edgar Allan Poe likely felt guilty during his wife Virginia's illness because he struggled with financial instability and was unable to provide her with proper medical care. This, coupled with his own emotional turmoil and personal struggles, may have intensified his feelings of guilt and helplessness.

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Q: Why did Edgar Allan Poe feel guilty during Virginia Poe's illness?
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What happened to Virginia Poe during the 1840 and?

Virginia Poe suffered from poor health during the 1840s, experiencing bouts of illness which worsened her condition. She eventually passed away in 1847, likely due to tuberculosis.

How did Edgar cope with virginia's last year?

Edgar Allan Poe struggled to cope with his wife Virginia's illness during her last year. He felt immense emotional turmoil and financial strain as he tried to care for her. Virginia's death in 1847 deeply affected Poe and contributed to his own deteriorating health and mental state.

What has the author A Allan Neill written?

A Allan Neill has written: 'Alcoholism- the ignored illness'

What actors and actresses appeared in The Guilty Party - 1993?

The cast of The Guilty Party - 1993 includes: Allan Gildea as Richard

Why was Edgar Allan Poe's wife always sick?

Edgar Allan Poe's wife, Virginia, suffered from tuberculosis, a common and deadly disease during that time period. She contracted the disease in her youth and it eventually led to her declining health and frequent illnesses. Poe wrote about her illness and his grief in several of his works.

Where did Edgar Allan attend school?

Edgar Allan Poe went to the University of Virginia in 1826.

List 3 people important to Poe who died during his lifetime?

His mother, Elizabeth; his wife Virginia; and his foster mother Frances Allan

How did Edgar Allan Poe cope with Virginia's last years?

Edgar Allan Poe coped with his wife Virginia's last years by caring for her and trying to provide her with comfort and support despite her illness. He struggled emotionally and financially during this time, but he remained devoted to her until her death in 1847.

What illness plagued Edgar Allan Poe's life?

heartache and loss

Did Edgar Allan Poe attend school?

Edgar Allan Poe went to the University of Virginia in 1826.

When and how did Frances Allan die?

Frances Allan died on February 28, 1829 from an illness. She was the foster mother of Edgar Allan Poe and was an influential figure in his life. Her death had a significant impact on Poe's emotional well-being and contributed to the themes of loss and mourning in his work.

Who did Edgar Allan Poe marry?

Edgar Allan Poe married to Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe in 1836