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His mother encouraged him to do so.


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The ballad of Edward is about a boy, Edward, whose mother questions him about blood on his sword. He answers with lies until finally he admits that he killed his father and is leaving and not coming back.

A chorus is generally the part of a song that is repeated throughout the song. The ballad Edward Edward does not have a chorus.

The ballad is about a man questioned by his mother about the blood on his sword. He confesses he killed his father and is leaving the country, his wife, children, and livestock. His mother asked him what he intends to leave her and he tells her he is leaving her a curse from hell.

He was a poor man.. then he opened callage in which he become a rich man...

No, Edward does not kill jacob. But he always want's to.

No Edward does not kill their daughter, he protects her from the Volturi.

No, Jacob Black doe not try to kill Edward Cullen

no! Edward has never tried to kill Bella!!! He's in love with her

The cast of The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez - 1982 includes: Edward James Olmos as Gregorio Cortez

Yes. Edward is the father of Bella's baby.

Edward the Third, obviously.

In my opinion, the father of modern Immunology is Edward Jenner.father of modern Immunology 'Jacques Miller'Edward jener

well Harold did try to kill Edward in THE Twilight saga

Edward bit James out of anger, because he tried to kill Bella. What Edward was really trying to do was rip him apart and kill him.

Ballad of Father Gilligan-William Butler

Renesemee's father is Edward Cullen

the father of renesmee is edward

Edward would kill Jacob or Jacob would kill Edward.

Yes. He and his family, along with Jacob and his pack, kill an army of vampires. Edward did kill Victoria along with others.

Edward Lear can be considered as the father of limericks as he is responsible for their popularity.

The Ballad Of Father Gilligan La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Lieutenant John Edward Hargraves

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