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Why did European diseases kill more Native Americans than Europeans?

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European diseases killed so many Native Americans because the natives had no natural immunity. It is surmised that hundreds of thousands died.

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How did European Exploration affect native Americans?

The answer is that the Europeans spreaded diseases among the native Americans.

Who were the native Americans enemies?

The Native Americans enemies are the Europeans. Europeans are brutal toward the Natives. Natives were sent to do farms and were killed with the European diseases.

After contact with europeans millions of native americans died because?

They had no immunity to European diseases.

Why did Native Americans declined after Europeans arrived in America?

Much of the decline was due to the fact Native Americans had no natural immunities to European diseases.

What sickness brought by European explorers spread quickly and infected many native Americans?

Native Americans dies of several diseases brought by Europeans like small pox, malaria, measles. Europeans had found treatment and vaccines for these diseases but Native Americans were never exposed to such diseases and they did not have any vaccine or treatment for these illnesses.

What was the major european contribution to the death rate of native americans?

Europeans brought diseases to the New World that the native populations had no immunity to. That and outright murder are the major European contributions to the death rate of the Native Americans.

How did European exploration impact native Americans?

European exploration of the Americas had a devastating impact upon the Native population. Specifically, the Europeans brought diseases with them that the Native Americans had no immunity against. The Native population was ultimately reduced by 90 percent.

Was conflict inevitable between Europeans and native Americans?

They were not all the same. Bartolome de las Casas wanted to save native Americans. Although the native Americans were inevitably destroyed by European infectuous diseases.

What resulted from European contact with native Americans?

The Europeans came with diseases , and as a result many of the native Americans died because they came in contact with a sickness they never encountered before.

What did the europeans bring to the native Americans?

smallpox and other diseases

What are the diseases did Indians expose Europeans to?

The Native Americans didn't expose Europeans to anything. It was the opposite. The Europeans brought new disease to the Native Americans and this killed many.

How did the arrival of Europeans settlers affect native American societies?

the native Americans brought germs and diseases to the europeans

What were the effects of the european immigration on the native americans?

The Europeans started to use the Native Americans as slaves.

Why were Europeans less vulnerable to most diseases than native amercians?

They weren't - they were just less vulnerable to the European diseases. Native Americans had never encountered those diseases before, so they had no natural defenses against them.

Why were European diseases deadly too American Indians?

While Europeans had developed antibodies against diseases, the Native Americans did not have these antibodies because they had never been exposed to the diseases before.

Why were European diseases devastating to the people in America?

If by people in America you mean "Native Americans", they had not developed the immunities to European diseases, over the centuries that Europeans had developed. Diseases such as measles, diphtheria, even chicken pox, not to mention smallpox were devastating to the American Indian. It is probable that more Native Americans died of European diseases than died in the many battles with the white man.

Which was a major consequence of European settlement and interaction with the native inhabitants of the New World?

The europeans gave many European diseases to the native Americans whose bodies had never seen them before and were not immune

Which was one of the effects of European colonization on Native Americans?

Many Native Americans died from European diseases. answer for studyisland

What diseases did native americans die from?

Native Americans died mostly when the Europeans came. The Europeans brought stuff to trade with, but the stuff came with smallpox.

What was one impact of European exploration on native Americans?

One impact is that the Europeans brought with them many diseases so it killed a large amount of the Native American population.

How did the arrival of European affect the Native Americans in Mexico?

How did the arrival of europeans effect the native Americans in Mexico

After the europeans arrived what did thousands of native americans die from?

because of diseases

Why were European disease so devastating to native Americans?

because the native Americans did not have any contact with outside continent germs, and viruses. When the Europeans came into america, they brought with them all foreign germs and diseases.

Why were Europeans not as devastated as native Americans?

Europeans had previous exposure to many diseases like smallpox , and had immunities built up . Native Americans were decimated by these things.

What effects did disease have on the European conquest of America?

European diseases killed many native Americans because they the natives Americans weren't exposed to the many diseases the Europeans had built up a tolerance for. This made it much easier for the Europeans to conquer the Americas because the natives put up less of a resistance.