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Q: Why did Europeans begin to take slaves from Africa?
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Where did the Europeans go to get slaves to take to the Americas?


Europeans explorers first used gunpowder to take enslaved captives where?

European explorers began to use gunpowder in order to take slaves captive. This was first done on the continent of Africa.

How did the coastal tribes of Africa become more powerful then the interior tribes of Africa?

the coastal tribes of Africa became more powerful because the europeans came to Africa looking for slaves and they ran into the coastal tribe first. the europeans asked them to kidnap slaves for them to take to America on the middle passage so that they can work on the field. the coastal tribe became more powerful because when slavery happened the coastal tribe got stronger because they had a better population and better weapons in their tribe from the europeans.

Why did europeans need such a large number of slaves?

because they used slaves to take care of their families

Who helped europeans take African slaves?

fart i dont know

What impact did the triangle trade have on Africa?

the people were shipped on boats to Africa to take the Africans and turn them into slaves

What goods did the europeans want to buy or take from ghana?

slaves, gold and ivory.

What did the british empire take from other countries?

australia- gold africa-slaves america-slaves

How long did it take for slaves to get from Africa to America?

4 months

Why did Europeans take Africans to the colonies of the new world?

Because other Africans sold them to the Europeans as slaves and the new world colonies needed workers.

How did Europeans generally obtain slaves from Africa?

They purchased them from other tribes that captured the slaves for them. Europeans almost never captured their own slaves. They established trading arrangements with powerful African kingdoms. These powerful African groups did virtually all of the kidnapping and capturing, and sold the captives to European slavers at established slave trading ports on the coast. In East Africa the Arabs did most of the slave trading.

What Part of Africa did Europeans slave traders go to find slaves to take to the Americans?

European slave traders mainly went to the coastal West African modern day nations such as Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.