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Q: Why did Europeans explore Africa Asia and the Americas beginning in the 1400s?
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Why did Europeans bring people from Africa to the Americas?

to be their slaves

Where did the Europeans go to get slaves to take to the Americas?


Why did the europeans explore Africa?

Curiosity. It's what makes the human race tick.

How did the triangular trade have an impact on Africa Europe and Americas?

The Americas made or got cotton. The europeans did not allow americas to make clothes or cloths with it so americas sold the cotton to eropeans and when europeans were done making cloth, they sold it back to americas. Soon, around ninety percent of the americas population decreased because of european diseases such as chicken pox. So, Europeans went to Africa to buy chep workers also known as slaves.

What continent did Europe expand into in the 19th century?

In the 19th century, Europeans were present in the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Why was the transport of slaves from Africa to the Americas called the Middle Passage?

It was the middle leg of the triangular trade route that Europeans followed.

What was the route of african slaves?

From Europe, they brought textiles, run and manufactured good to Africa. From Africa, they bought slaves or simply took people and made them slaves, and brought them to the Americas. From the Americas, the Europeans brought back the sugar, tobacco and cotton.

What factors were not present in Africa or the Americas to foster expansion into the Atlantic basin from those areas?

there were several reasons that hindered the expantion of Europeans

What was the second phase of the triangle trade?

The second phase of the triangle trade involved the transportation of enslaved Africans from Africa to the Americas to be sold as laborers on plantations. This phase was known as the Middle Passage.

What did the europeans send to Africa during the triangular trade?

In the triangular trade route, there were 3 main points of trading- Africa, Europe, and America. Manufactured goods went from Europe to Africa, slaves went from Africa to the Americas, and luxury goods from the Americas to Europe.

What did the europeans need that made them colonize in africa and the americas?

Nothing "made Europeans colonize"; it was an active decision that they chose to do. They did this for material resources, labor resources, prestige, strategic positions, and religious evangelism.

What regions did the Europeans settle on?

They settled mostly in Europe, the Americas, Australia and some pockets in Asia and Africa. (So yes... pretty much everywhere.)