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Because in the prelude to Lord of the Rings "The Hobbit" Gandalf assisted Bilbo and thirteen dwarves steal a load of treasure from a dragon. Which the dragon stole from the dwarves a long time ago.

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What did gandalf give Bilbo?

Gandalf gave Bilbo a sword.

What friend surprises Bilbo in camp?

Bilbo sneaks out of the dwarf camp to give the Arkenstone to the beseigers. He is surprised to see Gandalf there.

Who was the man after Bilbo in Chapter 18 of The Hobbit?

He was not identified by name. He was sent to look in the area that Bilbo had last been seen in by Gandalf. He was strong and surefooted and carried Bilbo down to the camp.

How does Frodo know who Gandalf is?

Frodo knows Gandalf because Gandalf was like Bilbo (Frodo's grand-uncle) guardian on Bilbo's adventures. Now, Frodo knows Gandalf through Bilbo.

How did Gandalf help Bilbo?

Which time? Gandalf helps Bilbo many times, both during The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Who surprises Bilbo and what does he foreshadow?

Gandalf surprised Bilbo and he was foreshadowing the future

Does the wizard like or does not like Bilbo in the book hobbit?

Yes, the wizard(Gandalf) likes Bilbo very much. It is by the will of Gandalf that Bilbo comes along with the dwarves for the quest. His concern for Bilbo can be seen when all the dwarves come out from goblin's cave but Bilbo remains behind. Gandalf continues to visit Bilbo even after the end of dwarves quest.

How did Gandalf stop Bilbo?

Gandalf noticed the ring turning Bilbo crazy so he forced him to give it up and leave it behind

How do the Goblins and Wargs trap Bilbo Gandalf and the Dwarves?

The Goblins and Wargs trap Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves by besieging the mountain and trapping them.

In 'The Hobbit' what path did Bilbo take home?

Bilbo travels with Gandalf and Beorn to the long north pass around Mirkwood. Then they stay at Beorn's house for the winter. Then Gandalf and Bilbo travel to Rivendell, there Bilbo gets medical attention. Then Gandalf and Bilbo travel the long way to the Hobbit lands.

What proof did Bilbo have that Gandalf knocked on the door hard?

His beautiful door was marked where Gandalf clubbed it. The true reason for this, which Bilbo did not know, was that Gandalf was removing the sign he had scratched in the door earlier.

How does Gandalf feel about Bilbo Baggins?

Gandalf believes in Bilbo, and he says in the book that he wouldn't of brought-en him if he wasn't in good use.

Why did Gandalf visits Bilbo Baggins?

because the dwarves needed a fourteenth person for their journey and gandalf thought bilbo was the right person for the job.

Who recruited Bilbo for the adventure?

Gandalf recruited Bilbo to act as the party's thief.

Does Gandalf tell the dwarves that Bilbo is a spy?

No, Gandalf never told the dwarves that Bilbo was a spy. He was a good friend of Bilbo's, and they trusted each other.

Who is Gandalf in 'The Hobbit'?

Gandalf is a wizard that pulls Bilbo out of his house and sets him on a mission.

Why do you think Gandalf dissaperaed?

Gandalf dissapered because he wanted bilbo to take charge

What happened when Bilbo first met Gandalf?

Bilbo was a young child and gandalf came thru with fireworks But he really met met him at his door and while he got the mail They both blew smoke rings remembering the fireworks and Bilbo inadvertantly wishing for adventure and times like when he was a young hobbit Bilbo good dayed gandalf several times in several different ways Gandalf marked his door after bilbo hastily departed after Inviting gandalf for tea the following day

What news did Gandalf receive that made him rejoin Bilbo?

The news that Gandalf received that made him rejoin Bilbo was the fact that the armies of the Goblins and of the Wargs had gotten together.

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