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Why did Germany invade the Netherlands?


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because Hitler was power hungry


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Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 10th 1940.

Yes, Dutch did invade England in 1688. In the second world war the netherlands had nothing to do with the war. They where neutral. Germany decided due to heavy resistance on the belgium and french border to invade the netherlands first. Also the Netherlands had no part in trying to invade England in the second world war. You got the germans and dutch mixed up.

The Nazis invaded the whole of the Netherlands and placed the country under German administration.

Finland was invaded by Germay in 1940, germany also invaded denmark, norway, belgium, Netherlands, Luexburg, and France in that same year. ____ No. Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany.

Russia invade Germany on december 25 1997

What year and day did Germany invade France?

Germany did not invade Canada, ever.

He didn't invade the first country infected by him. He was already in charge. It started in Germany. Then it went to places like Holland, the rest of the Netherlands, and Polland

Germany didn't invade until 1939 when they went into Poland.

No. The Netherlands are not a part of Germany.

The countries that Germany invaded were France, Yugoslavia, Norway, Greece, Netherlands, Western Poland, Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg. The countries were invaded between 1939 and June 1941.

There is no distance between the Netherlands and Germany. The entire eastern edge of the Netherlands borders Germany.

Yes Germany is on the eastern border of the Netherlands.

Yes the Netherlands are located west of Germany

Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Russia. That is 9 countries, not counting Libya and Tunisia.

On May 10, 1940, Germany attacked the countries of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as France. Germany had already taken Czechoslovakia and Poland, and was on a frightening campaign to dominate the world.

Hitler never invaded Germany.

Germany has never invaded Australia.

Switzerland was a neutral country and Germany did not invade it.

No, the Netherlands is to the north of Belgium and France. It is to the west of Germany.

East Germany never invaded West Germany.

Germany went through Belgium to invade France, more precisely the hilly region of the Ardennes.

Germany did not invade Britain in WW2. Britain has not been invaded for a thousand years.

Germany did not invade any countries during Dunkirk. The entire operation was within France, which Germany already controlled.

Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany are all independent countries. Denmark is a peninsula in the North Sea and shares a border with northern Germany. The Netherlands is on the western border of Germany.

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