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The main reason for Germany losing the war was the massive hordes on the eastern front, which they could not stop. Also Hitler made bad mistakes his plan of the Easter front was holding ground his field commanders wanted a flexible defense strategy so they could outflank and encircle the soviets. another reason would be that any nation cannot fight a war on 2 fronts and win. even if it had not have happened in 45, it would have been in 46, 47, 48 etc. But it would end in Allied Victory.

Their are several reasons for Germany's loss of World War II. I will answer this to the best of my abilities. The first and one of the most important is the fact that Hitler postponed his invasion of Britain, after The Battle of Britain which was an air battle that Germany lost. After which Germany could have still invaded Britain with overwhelming force. Whether he would have won this battle is unsure, but after postponing Operation Sea-Lion, he decided to invade Russia. Horrible mistake. Russia, although unprepared, had a massive army and lots of resources. And with the aid of the other allies, Russia defeated them.

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Q: Why did Germany lose WW2?
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