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because they were allies

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Great Britain had a defense treaty with Belgium that promised British protection to that country if invaded. And, when World War I began, Germany unwisely chose to invade Belgium. Britain issued an ultimatum to Germany ordering them to withdraw or Britain would join the war. The Germans clearly ignored the threat.

Great Britain was the U.s. allies.

Britain joined the war, because of the Treaty of London in 1839. This said that if Belgium was invaded, the neighbouring countries of Belgium, including Britain would defend Belgium. So when the Germans invaded Belgium in August 1914, Britain joined the war to defend Belgium.

In the Beginning of WWI Great Britain declares war on Germany mainly in defense of Belgium. Great Britain felt threatened because Germany invaded neutral Belgium, but Britain wanted to hold on to Belgium at all cost.

Italy,Germany,France,Great Britain, Belgium, Poland and other small countries in 1914. The U.S.A in 1917

Britain was involved in world war 2 because Germany wanted to take over.

Britain had a treay with Belgium that stated Britain would defend Belgian neutrality. When Germany invaded Belgium, it met the requirements of British involvment in the treaty.

Great Britain, or more correctly The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was involved in both World War 1 and World War 2.

Germany refused a British demand not to invade Belgium (apex

Great Britain entered World War 1 on the 4th August 1914, by the 12th August 1914 France and Britain had declared War on Austro-Hungary.Britain entered World War I because Germany invaded Belgium to get into France easier. Britain basically said "Belgium is our ally, and if you invade them we will declare war on you".

They had a treatie with great Britain.

Beligum went to war with Germany because Germany's plan was to cross or go throughout beligum to attack France from all angles. Belgium had told Germany not to come through because they were a neutral country and didnt want to get involved in the war. So since great Britain and Belgium were in an alliance Great Britain eventually got pulled into the war. Hope this helped!

Cerainly in WW1 it was involved in the sense that it was a part of Arabia which was a protectorate of Great Britain.

Britain declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914 after Germany invaded Belgium.

Britain was not involved in any division or 'carve up' of France in or after World War 2.

Germany invaded Belgium. Britain had a defense treaty with Belgium. After the invasion, Britain issued an ultimatum stating that if Germany didn't withdraw from Belgium, Britain would declare war. Germany didn't listen and Britain entered World War I.


The more important reason for Britain joining World War 1 was the Schlieffen Plan, that Germany had written up. The plan involved Germany attacking on two fronts; Russia and France. Almost immediately this would of set sparks off within the Triple Entente; Great Britain, Russia and France. The biggest fault of the plan was that Germany would have to go through Belgium to attack France. In 1839, Britain signed a treaty with France stating that they would help Belgium, who were neutral, if they were ever invaded. With Germany wanting to pass through Belgium, Britain were forced to declare war on Germany, something which the Germans had not expected at all. If Britain had left it, essentially Germany would of invaded both France and Belgium, and then would of been able to invade Britain from the South. Germany could of won World War One if Great Britain didn't attack.

Britain and France joined the war, becaus Germany invaded Poland. The reason for this is that Britain and France had a pact with Poland, Denmark and Belgium.

Great Britain was one of the nations that was most directly involved in WW I, and Canada had close cultural and political ties to Britain, and therefore was inevitably involved in any conflict that involved Britain. And since Canada was involved, Canadian men were interested.

Belgium tried to stay neutral, but became involved after the Nazi army invaded their country.

Great Britain was involved from the very beginning to the defeat of Germany on May 8, 1945. That was just under six years. Britain was involved from 1 September 1939 until 2 September 1945 a total of 6 years and 1 day.

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