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He supported it because he thought it was the best system that could be devised, although it was a throng of compromises and he wished the government were stronger. Since Hamilton couldn't stand the government under the Articles and thought the Constitution was better than anything else, he fought tirelessly for it, braving the New York ratifying convention and writing the Federalist Papers.

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What did Alexander Hamilton support?

The US Constitution and the National Bank.

Did Alexander Hamilton support the constitution?


When did Alexander Hamilton sign the US Constitution?

When he signed the US Constitution

Did Alexander Hamilton support strict interpretation of the Constitution?


What did Alexander Hamilton have to do with the US constitution?

He signed it.

Who was the primary author of the federalist papers writing 51 of the 85 articles published to increase support for the ratification of the US Constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

Who was the only delegate from new york to sign the constitution?

Alexander Hamilton was the New York delegate who signed the US Constitution. Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of the US.

Were The Federalist essays were written by Hamilton Madison and Jay in support of the Constitution?


Who were the leaders in the Federalist Party who helped form and support the Constitution?

alex hamilton

What did Alexander Hamilton believe about the powers of the constitution?

He wanted a stronger central government with the power to actively support merchants than the Constitution gave him. He also wanted the US to respect the debts it had incurred.

What did the federalists do to get support for the US Constitution?


Who wrote a collection of essays in support of the Constitution?

Alexander Hamilton, James madison, and John Jay

What was called A series of essays written by Hamilton Madison and Jay in support of the Constitution?

They were the Federalist Papers.

Were The Federalist Papers an attack on the US Constitution?

No! In fact, the Federalist Papers were written in support of the Constitution by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. They were published to gain public support for tis ratification in many of the states, but primarily New York, where opposition was strong.

Was Alexander Hamilton for the constitution?

Yes. Alexander Hamilton wrote about half of the Federalist Papers, a series of articles attempting to convince people to vote for ratification of the US Constitution.

What was the series of essays that were written in support of the constitution called?

The Federalist Papers by John Hamilton and James Madison

Who wrote several of the persuasive essays The Federalist Papers to gain support for ratification of the Constitution?

Alexander hamilton

Who was the only person to sign the US constitution from New York?

Alexander Hamilton.

Why did Alexander Hamilton support the national bank?

to pay for debt that the US was in

Who supported the Federalist Papers?

Alexander Hamilton organized writing the Federalist Papers, a series of 85 essays he, James Madison and John Jay penned in support of ratifying the US Constitution.

Did Hamilton support a loose interpretation of the constitution?

Yes he did. Hamilton supported a looser interpretation of the Constitution so that the central government could be strengthened at the expense of the state's rights. He believe that the government should be allowed to use the implied powers and the elastic clause from the Constitution to his advantage.

Why did Hamilton support locating the US capital in the south?

Actually Alexander Hamilton believed that New York City would be the best location for a new capital. It had been briefly before the US Constitution was passed. Hamilton, a founding father, believed that NYC was a logical choice because of its size, its reputation as an international city and because business and finance was established there.

Why Did hamilton support a loose interpretation of the constitution?

not so much why but what loose stood for is why he was more loose than strict

Who wrote several of the persuasive essays known as The Federalist Papers to gain support for ratification of the Constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

Did the federalist papers play an essential role in ratification of the constitution?

They just showed the support of Alexander Hamilton, James Jay and others towards the constitution and federalism.

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