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It was an attempt to assist the French in their recovery from WWII. In retrospect, it probably wasn't a good idea. The French were never grateful and are still as arogant and obnoxious as ever... probably worse.

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Q: Why did Harry S. Truman authorize a modest program of economic and military aid to the French?
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What has the author Bernard Poirine written?

Bernard Poirine has written: 'Tahiti' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of French military bases, Economic conditions, Economic policy, French Military bases, Military bases, French, Nuclear weapons, Testing

What made Truman authorize aid to the French?

as part of the stratedy to fight communism

What were four problems that the french directory faced?

Political Military Economic Legislative

What did the US have to do with the French Revolution?

The United States maintained a position of strict neutrality. It did contribute to the huge French debt that was the root cause of the French Revolution by accepting Military and economic assisstance from France during the American Revolution.

Name french military bases used in the french revolution?

Algerian was the name of of the french military base used. This is during the French Revolution.

Why was the french wine industry helpful to Louis Pasteur?

because it was used at that time as economic inspiration by whole state and society especially in palace and military.

French word for French corps military advisers?

'French corps military advisers' are called 'des conseillers militaires français' in French.

What was the cause of the French Revolution?

French economic crisis.

What year did the US send economic aid to french forces in Vietnam?

US sent military aid to France in 1940 to help them take over Vietnam.

Causes of french revolution of 1800?

French economic crisis.

The French Revolution ouccrred as a result of what?

A French economic crisis.

How were the french and british similar in the tactics they used to control their empires in Asia?

Answer this question… Both exercised military and economic domination over colonial territories

What does campagne mean in french?

'la campagne' is the countryside in French. In a military context, 'une campagne' is a military campaign.

What issue led to the meeting of the Estates- General?

A French economic crisis created by long term borrowing at high interest rates to support such efforts as the French military efforts in the Seven Years Wars and the American Revolutionary War.

What French economist is most associated with the mercantile economic system?

The French economist most associated with the mercantile economic system was Colbert.

How did the Jeffersonian Republicans respond to the French Revolution?

They wanted to provide France with military and economic assistance against the advice of George Washington who demanded strict neutrality in European affairs.

How did the Americans greet the news of the french revolution?

The were divided on the issue. Some wanted to provide military and economic support and others heeded Washington's admonition to avoid European conflicts.

What is the name for a French military aide?

Military Attache or Liaison Officer.

Is the military service in France required?

No. The French military is a volunteer force.

How did Americans greet the news of the French Revolution in 1789?

The were divided on the issue. Some wanted to provide military and economic support and others heeded Washington's admonition to avoid European conflicts.

Why the US government chose to provide economic and military assistance to the French for their war in Indochina?

Fear of Ho Chi Meh and his communist party spreading to other parts of Southern Asia

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it is the french military

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