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Because Kathryn Howard had a Girl baby and King Henry the viii wanted a boy baby

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Did Henry VIII get on with Kathryn Howard?

to have a male ere :-)

How do you spell kathryn of howard and Katherine sparr Henry VIII wives?

Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr

How did Henry VIII end his marriage to Kathryn Howard?

He beheaded her

Why did Henry VIII behead Kathryn Howard?

Henry VIII had Kathryn Howard beheaded as she committed adultery against him with Thomas Culpeper. This is also considered treason, an offence that could have you beheaded.

Where did kathryn howard come from?

Catherine (Kathryn) Howard was born in London to Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpepper. She was the fifth wife of Henry VIII.

When Henry VIII was 49 how old was kathryn Howard?

Around 17

How long was Kathryn Howard married to Henry VIII?

2 years....

Did kathryn howard have any children with Henry viii?

yes she had elizabeth 1st

How old was King Henry VIII when he married kathryn howard?

he was 49 and she was 19

Did Henry VIII divorce Catherine Howard?

no Henry the 8th did not divorce catherine howard he sent her to be exucted because she had affairs with other men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did Henry VIII come aross Kathryn Howard?

Henry meet kathryn though hes family and fell him love with her stright away

Why did Kathryn Howard get executed on the 13th of February 1542?

Kathryn Howard was Henry viii 5th wife. the news came out that she was not faithful to Henry and was 'sleeping' with other men. she was executed in 1542.

When did Catherine Howard divorce?

Catherine Howard and Henry VIII did not divorce, Catherine was executed. Catherine Howard was executed on February 13, 1542.

When did Henry VIII divorce kathrine howard?

Henry VIII and Catherine Howard were not divorces, rather Catherine was executed, on the thirteenth of February, 1542; after a marriage of eighteen and a half months.

Kathryn Howard religion?

Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII was Catholic. She was married to Henry from 1540 to 1541 BCE, she was executed in 1542 on charges of adultery.

Why did Henry VIII marry Kathryn Howard?

because Henry needed someone to live on with and obviously she was unfaithful to Henry and ended up being beheaded

Why did Henry VIII behead cathryn howard?

Henry's fifth wife, Kathryn Howard, was married to Henry just 16 days after his divorce with Anne of Cleves on July 28th, 1540. Kathryn was 19 and Henry was 49, and it is said that their marriage cheered Henry greatly. Less than a year into the marriage, however, rumours of infidelity began and in November 1541 there was enough evidence against Kathryn to begin investigations. She was executed on Febuary 13th, 1542

How many wives of Henry VIII were beheaded?

Two - his second (Anne Boleyn) and his fifth (Kathryn Howard). Anne Boleyn was accused of witchcraft and Kathryn Howard was found guilty of adultery. Interestingly, the news that Kathryn Howard had another husband was brought by Henry VII's jester, as he was the only person who could get away with it.

Why did Henry VIII execute Kathryn Howard?

Because she had a load of affairs with other men behind Henry's back I hope this is ok for you

Why did King Henry VIII divorce Catherine howard?

henry didnt divorce Catherine Howard he had her head chopped off for treason saying that she had slept with other men whilst married. Odlly though she is a realative to Anne Bolyne

Did Kathryn Parr love Henry VIII?


Did katheryn howard have any children with Henry VIII?

Katheryn Howard did not have any children with King Henry VIII.

Who dd Henry viii marry?

Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr

When did Catherine Howard get married to Henry VIII?

Henry VIII and his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, were married on 28th July 1540.

When did Catherine Parr divorce Henry VIII?

Catherine Parr did not divorce Henry VIII. She was his final wife and their marriage ended with his death in 1547.