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Why did Hitler want to conquer Czechoslovakia?


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this was because he wanted more land as well as power oer many countries

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He wanted to conquer all of Europe

Austria Hungary Poland Czechoslovakia Denmark Holland Belgium France

Hitler conquered Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium during 1939 and 1940.

Hitler did not 'conquer England'.

Austria and subsequently the world.

Hitler conquered the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and a few unimportant lands before World War 2 started.

Sudetenland Because of the German minority not getting respect

Hitler wanted to acquire living space for his so-called Aryan race. Despite popular belief, he did not want to conquer the world or Europe for that matter. He wanted to conquer Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia. He successfully annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia without war. He knew that the wouldn't just give him Poland so he decided to invade it in 1939 cause Britain and France to declare war on Germany. That's how World War 2 started.

In 1939 he only conquered Poland. Earlier in the year he also annexed the part of Czechoslovakia which now makes up the Czech Republic.

On reason Hitler had trouble claiming part of Czechoslovakia was because of the Czech Army. Czechoslovakia is known for its strong military.

Hitler took sudetenland in 1938 from Czechoslovakia

Switzerland and Sweden are the various two countries which Hitler did not conquer. *************** I would like to add that he failed to conquer Britain and Russia.

Basically, Hitler just had the Nazis invade and conquer. For the most part, it worked. Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway, ect.

Hitler demanded Sudentenland, a part of Czechoslovakia, in order to protect the German-speaking people there.

Hitler threatened to declare war on Czechoslovakia because the Czech government declared martial law.

Why did hitler try to conquer the world?

Because he wanted to conquer other countries to expand Germany's lebensraum.

Russia. Hitler tried to conquer the whole entire world.

Hitler obtained permission to go to war with Czechoslovakia in Munich, Germany via the Munich agreement. The Munich Agreement occurred in 1938.

Attempted to conquer the world.

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