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Hitler wanted to dominate so "much" as you say because he wanted to rid the world of the un pure races, and wanted the world to be run by the pure Aryan race.

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Why extremely tall actresses dominate over actors with height and high hells in Bollywood?

actress haVE VERY MUCH COMPETITION IN INDUSTRY. each actress want to be number 1. so they dominate with their height as they show their beauty.

Why did Hitler want dictatorship?

Hitler needed to be Dictator of Germany so he could control it.

Why Adolf Hitler suicide?

Adolf Hitler commited suicide because he lost the war and did not want to be taken alive. Adolf Hitler did not want to admit failure so he shot himself

Why do people hate Hitler so much?

Hitler is hated because he wanted one part of the world, Germany, to dominate everything else, sending the world into a state of fear. He also wanted to kill all the Jewish people, the disabled, Travelers ("Gypsies,") homosexuals and other groups he considered imperfect.

Why did Hitler like his mother so much?

Because she was a kind, loving and gentle woman, and she loved Hitler very much.

How does a woman dominate a man?

Domination is often a role-play in a relationship. Often the woman is dominated by the man, however ever since the promotion of equal rights and feminism the woman has been able to dominate the man. The woman is often weaker then a man so they do not dominate by physical force. The woman often makes a pact with the man who agrees to play the less dominate role, and this is to help the woman feel powerful and free when they face their relationship. When a woman dominates a man it is usually so they can do whatever they like. A dominate woman will tell the man when they want to go out, when they want to go shopping, when they want guests over, what they want for dinner, when they want the household chores finished etc. A dominate woman can also request for their partner not to make more money then themselves.

Why did Hitler want to take over?

so he could rule the world!

Did Hitler kill his mom?

Yes because she was dying slowly but shortly and he did not want to see her go through so much pain so he took it upon himself and killed her.

Did Jews hate Hitler?

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.

How did Britain and France appease Hitler?

Britain and France didnt want another war. so they gave him what he wanted so their was no conflict but Hitler was just testing how much he could get away with. So Hitler invaded Poland Sept 1st, 1939 and that started WW2.Germany and France did not agree to the attack on Poland. they stepped in. got approved for United States weapons. then, declared war against Germany(Hitler)

What did Hitler want to do?

Hitler thought that the Jews were unclean, and he wanted to be in charge of the world, and if he was in charge of the world, he didn't want any Jews. So he tried to get rid of them all. Get the drift?

What is an example of a sentence using the word dominate?

She likes to dominate the conversation. There are recessive and dominate genes.

Why did Adolf Hitler want to rule the world?

So that he could rule the world.

Why Hitler was so strict?

Because he was an extremist who did not want to tolerate people who were different from him.

Why did the Germans want to assasinate Hitler?

Some people believe they wanted to assasinate Hitler to end the war. Hitler was responsible for many things others didn't believe in, so it's natural to want to end the problem at the source.

Why did Hitler hate Jews so much 2008?

Hitler hated Jews because they loved God, and Hitler hated God, as he showed by his life.

Why did Hitler poop so much?

Hitler had pooping problems as a kid, and medicine back then did not help pooping problems

Is cats dominate?

Yes they are dominate they fight to become the leader and so they can boss other cats around so to say.

Why did the killing of the holocaust all start?

because hitler want to kill jews. this was so because, hitler had a ideal of a non jewish europe

Why did Hitler want this pact?

So that he could execute, many, many, many juden...

Why do electrical forces dominate between atoms that are close together?

There are a few different reasons why electrical forces dominate between atoms that are close together. These atoms want to become stable so they share energy for example.

How did they took Hitler down?

When the Soviet soldiers were taking Berlin, which is where Hitler was in hiding, he didnt want himself to be captured, so he shot himself in the vagina.

Why did Hitler want the enabling act?

Hitler wanted the Enabling Act so that he could pass laws without.having to go through the Reichstag for them to passed.

How is Roosevelt different from Hitler?

Hitler was much, much, much, much more cruel than Franklin Roosevelt. Hitler and his Nazis killed millions of Jews, and Roosevelt didn't kill a single person. Roosevelt is one of the greatest people who ever lived and Hitler is the opposite. There are so many other differences between the two.

Why did Hitler want to take over UK?

Hitler didn't want to attack Britain at first because he was an admirer of the British Empire - and the British were racial "blood relatives". Germany was rather seeking for living space in Eastern Europe and tried to expand its influence in that direction. But Hitler had not expected that Britain would have antagonized him and his regime so much since he came into power in 1933. So, at least in 1938 Hitler was aware that his East European colonizing dreams could not be achieved without a military confrontation with Britain.

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