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He didn't, you have misunderstood.

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Who did adolph hitler want to exterminate?

Adolph Hitler literally wanted to kill anybody who he thought did not fit according to his model.

Why did Hitler want to rule the Jewish people?

Hitler did not want to rule the Jews; he wanted to eliminate or exterminate them. The reasons that he wanted to do this are discussed in the Related Question below.

Why did Hitler want only one race which was the opposrite of what Hitler was?

Hitler did not want one race, he wanted all the races to be independent and not mix.

Why did Hitler want be a German politician?

Why do you want to know

Did Hitler want a utopia?

yes..why else would he have been trying to exterminate everyone who wasnt the perfect race?

Who did Hitler want to exterminate?

The Jews, anyone different - he wanted a 'clean race' meaning the aryan race was supposedly perfect.

Why does Hitler want the Suddenland?

Suddenland used to be part of the former German Empire and Hitler wanted to unify Germany and all German speakers.

Why did Hitler want German to look similar?

Hitler wanted to create what he felt was the "perfect human race"

Why did Hitler want to destroy the Jewish people?

He had claimed that the German or Aryan race was superior and Jews were inferior. But not JUST Jews- all other races too. Durring that time, the German people were told that the Jews where the bad guys. ____ See the related questions.

Why did the German people want Adolf Hitler as a leader?

he is the one who had the idea

Can you give me an example of a sentence using the word 'exterminate'?

I want to exterminate the termites in the floor of my house. I will exterminate the people that work on my third floor work area.

Which part of his body did Hitler want to hold if he entered the German parliament?

His nose.

Why did hitler want to unite with Austria?

Austria was a German speaking nation, as was Germany. Also, Hitler was an Austrian, and believed in the concept of a Greater Germany covering all the German speaking lands.

What kind of people did Hitler want?

hitler only wanted white german people. that was his plan to be as for the master race of his inglorious vision.

What nationality was Hitler and why did he want world domination?

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian. He was a soldier in WWI. As for why he wanted power, he was crazy, (and this is coming from a german)

What section of Czechoslovakia did Hitler want?

Sudetenland Because of the German minority not getting respect

How did Hitler affect the German economy?

he made them want to fight and eventually showed them to be happy with what they had.

What did Hitler and the Nazi party want to retake?

The German leader Adolf Hitler and his political group-the National Socialist (or Nazi) party-wanted to retake German land lost after World War I.

Why did Adolf Hitler want to start the Holocaust?

He started the Holocaust because Hitler had general hate towards the German Jews, because they were not like him.

Why did Hitler and the Nazi's want to exterminate the Jews?

Hitler wanted to blame someone for the economic destruction of WWI. The Jews seemed fit to blame, so Hitler blamed them, although it was not the Jews fault. This is not completely true, he wanted a reason for the economic failure (Great Depression). WWII didn't start until the German army invaded Poland. Although it is correct, it wasn't the Jews fault.Hitler was extremely antisemitic. Many Europeans were, however, genocide was only the solution of a madman such as Hitler.

What did Hitler want the German army to achieve other than exterminating Jews?

To win the war

Why did Adolf Hitler want a Master Race?

an 8th grade answerthe aryann/master race is a thing that Hitler wanted to keep all races separate especially the Jewish people. and he would kill them if they were any other race besides his own.they also need to have blonde hair and blue eyes and must have German blood

Why did Hitler want to break the treaty of Versailles?

Hitler saw most or all provisions of the Treaty of Versailles as a barrier to his ambition of creating a vast German empire in Europe. Publicly, he said he wanted to restore 'German honour', by which he meant 'German prestige'.

Why did Hitler want the undesirables eliminated?

Hitler wanted the "undesirables" excluded from German society, they had to be eliminated because once they had been excluded they had no way of feeding themselves, as their property and rights to work had been taken away, and Hitler did not want to feed them.

Why did Hitler not want Jews in the 'lebensraum'?

Lebensraum is just German for "living space." And if you look back in history, Hitler did not want Jews anywhere. But not just Jews... blacks, catholics, etc.

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