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Hitler wanted to kill people that had disabilities and that did not agree with him. he didnt care about the blonde hair blue eyes white skin. if he did why did he attack scandinavia then? they had blonde hair blue eyes. it was only german people. he didnt hate people with brown hair or brown eyes. those were jews hair color and eye usually. he thought that they were taking their jobs. making them so poor. ignorance is worse then hatred.

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Q: Why did Hitler want to kill people?
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Did Hitler want to kill blondes and blue eyed people?


Why would some people of Germany not vote for Hitler?

Because Hitler is bad man and he want to kill the Jews people.

Did Hitler kill people himself?

No, Hitler did not kill people himself. Hitler had his own army (Hitler's Army) which helped him kill the Jew's.No

What did Hitler want to do during World War 2?

Because he want to kill another people like you :)) .

Who did Hitler want to kill?

He wanted to kill Jews.

Why did people want to kill Hitler?

Because he killed many people and almost destroyed the whole world

What type of people did Hitler want to kill?

The people that Adolph Hitler wanted to kill was the Jewish he would either kill them straight away or send them to a concentration camp where they would work and after words be killed and if you want to find out more you could read The boy in the striped pyjamas.

About how many people did Hitler kill?

Hitler did not kill them himself but the solders killed over millions of people

How many people did Hitler kill?

Hitler did not kill them himself but the solders killed over millions of people

Why did Adolf Hitler kill?

Hitler didn't kill anyone, He ordered people to do the work for him because, he don't want to get his hands dirty and he is the leader of an great nation who's at war.

Why did Hitler want to kill all those people?

He hated Russians and Jews most of all.

How many people planned to kill Hitler?

5 million Jews wanted to kill Hitler.

Did hitler want to kill all the jews and people who felt was inferior?

Yes. It was called the final solution.

How did Hitler kill millions of people?

Mostly Hitler killed people by shooting them and gassing them.

What views did Adolf Hitler have about Jewish people?

to kill them to kill them

Did Hitler have a gun?

yes Hitler did have guns because he did kill people

When did Hitler want to kill the jews?

from about 1942 onwards.

Who did Adolf Hitler want to kill?


Which religion did Hitler want to kill?

The Jewish religion.

Why did Hitler want to be a Jew?

he didn't want to be a Jew he wanted to kill Jews!

Did Hitler kill people who were handicapped?


Did Hitler kill people of his opposition?

yes,he did!

Why did Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg want to kill Hitler?

because Hitler was a fag

Why did Hitler want to kill these inferior people?

He wanted only people of Aryan blood. He believed that by killing off inferior races, he was 'purifying' it.

Why did Hitler want to kill people in the battle of Gallipoli?

Hitler was not involved in the Battle of Gallipoli. He served on the Western Front during World War I as courrier for the German forces.