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Why did Jacques Cartier explore Newfoundland?

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He didn't explore Newfoundland. He was looking for the northwest passage

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Was Jacques Cartier the first to explore Canada?

John Cabot explored in the area of Newfoundland in 1497. Jacques Cartier explored further, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the St. Lawrence River.

Where did Jacques cartier explore or who did Jacques conquer?


What route did Jacques cartier follow?

Jacques Cartier went around Newfoundland, then went around another island and came back around the bottom of Newfoundland.

Jacques Cartier where did he explore?


What influenced Jacques cartier to explore?

What influenced Jacques Cartier to be an explorer was his desire to travel and explore new lands so he can colonize.

Who discovered Newfoundland Canada?

Jacques Cartier discovered Newfoundland, NOT JOHN CABOT

What places did Jacques Cartier explore?

Jacques Cartier explored France and the saint Lawrence river

What land or bodies of water did Jacques Cartier explore?

What body of water did Jacques Cartier discover

Did Jacques Cartier discover Newfoundland?

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Where did Jacques Cartier go exploring?

He went to Newfoundland.

What country was ''jocques carte''r sailing for?

Jacques Cartier was sent by the French king Francis I to find and explore Newfoundland.

Why didn't Jacques Cartier find what he was looking for?

Jacques Cartier was looking for the Northwest Passage. Jacques is a great explore germain305

How old was Jacques cartier when he stared exploring?

Jacques Cartier was 43 years old when he began to explore.

What country did Jacques cartier explore for?


For what country did Jacques cartier explore?


What area did Jacques cartier explore?


What year did Jacques Cartier explore America?

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Where did Jacques cartier land on his first voyage?

newfoundland i think

Did Jacques Cartier have a job?

yes his job was to explore

What Motivated Jacques Cartier To Explore?

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What gulf did Jacques cartier explore?

saint lawrence

Who helped Jacques cartier explore?

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What areas did Jacques Cartier explore?

he explored Canada

What part of New York did Jacques cartier explore?

he explore new neather

What part of Canada did Jacques Cartier explore?

Jacques Cartier explored the Gulf of St Lawrence and the St Lawrence River.