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Jane decided to talk to Helen about Mr. Brocklehurst's injustice towards her due to a sense of fairness and justice. Jane sought comfort and wisdom from Helen, who she saw as a moral and virtuous friend. Ultimately, Jane wanted to share her feelings and seek guidance on how to navigate the challenges she faced.

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Q: Why did Jane decide to talk to Helen burns James eye?
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What resulted from Mr Brocklehurst making an example of Jane before the other student?

Helen burns smiled at Jane

Who died in Jane Eyre from an infection?

Helen Burns

For what offense does miss scatcherd punish Helen burns?

In Jane Eyre, Miss Scatcherd whips Jane's best friend, Helen Burns. She also sentences Helen to a dinner of bread and water . . . because she had blotted an exercise in copying it out.

What disease does helen burns suffer from in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns suffers from consumption, which is an archaic term for tuberculosis. This disease contributes to her eventual death in the novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë.

What was the name of Jane Eyre's friend at Lowood?

Jane Eyre's friend at Lowood was Helen Burns. Helen was a kind and gentle girl who befriended Jane during their time at the school.

What do you think about character Helen burns in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns in "Jane Eyre" is portrayed as a pious and selfless character who serves as a moral compass for Jane. She embodies forgiveness and acceptance, imparting valuable lessons on patience and endurance. Despite her tragic fate, Helen's influence on Jane is enduring, emphasizing the importance of inner strength and kindness.

What age is Helen in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns, Jane Eyre's friend at Lowood school, is around 14 years old when they first meet. Helen is portrayed as kind, devout, and wise beyond her years, providing Jane with comfort and guidance during their time together at Lowood.

What character died from infection in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns

Who are three characters in the novel Jane Eyre the help Jane be independent?

1. Mr. Rochester 2. Ms. Reed 3. Helen Burns/Miss Temple

Which instructor did Helen like most in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns was drawn to Miss Temple, the kind and fair-minded superintendent at Lowood School in Jane Eyre. Miss Temple provided Helen with a sense of comfort and stability, becoming a significant figure in her life.

Who was the instructor Helen liked the most in Jane Eyre?

Helen Burns is most fond of Miss Temple, her instructor and friend at Lowood School in the novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. Miss Temple serves as a compassionate and understanding maternal figure for Helen and the other girls at the school.

How long was Elizabeth Taylor on screen in Jane Eyre?

Elizabeth Taylor was on screen for around 19 minutes in the 1943 film adaptation of "Jane Eyre," where she played the role of Helen Burns.