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Why did Japan start Kamikaze missions?

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The aim of the Kamikaze was to sink the American Aircraft Carriers. It was a last ditch effort to snatch victory from defeat. The Japanese knew that as long as the American aircraft carriers patroled the Pacific they were doomed to ultimate defeat. After reading the first 77 pages of James Bradley's FLYBOYS... my understanding is that the officers in the Japanese army took the Samurai way of life and warped it to fit their needs. This is not the true lifestyle of the Japanese.

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When did japan start using kamikaze attacks?

japan did not use kamikaze attacks until late in the war when it was losing badly

Who were the Japanese pilots who volunteered for suicide missions?

kamikaze pilots

Where did the Kamikaze drink originate?


Where did the Kamikaze pilots originate?


When were airplanes used as weapons in war?

In World War II the Axis powers turned their airplanes into weapons during Kamikaze missions. The Japanese are the most famous for this. Kamikaze missions were suicide missions, so the pilots flew to a target and aimed their plane to the ground and BOOM. Kamikaze missions were also prevalent in sea battles where one plane could take out an entire ship.

What is the Japanese pilots who flew suicide missions called?

Kamikaze pilots

Which country created kamikaze pilots?


What are the ingredients of kamikaze?

japan plane c4 :)

Kamikaze attacks Japan lost 4000 fighter planes?

NovaNET answer: japan did not use kamikaze attacks until late in the war when it was loosing badly

What was the name of the strongest typhoon in Japan Japan?

kamikaze meaning divine wind

Does Japan still use kamikaze?

No WW2 only

When did japan begin to use kamikaze attacks?

oct 1944

In which country did the Kamikaze the drink not the suicide attack originate?


Why did the kamikaze or divine wind do for japan?

It stopped a Mongolian invasion.!

What were the names of Japanese pilots who flew suicide missions in World War 2?

Kamikaze Pilots.

What are Kamikaze missions?

Suicide planes filled with explosives flown against US Navy ships

What is one reason that Japan needed kamikaze pilots?

Japan did not NEED Kamikaze Pilots and the strategy of the Kamikaze was a doomed strategy from the onset because it took more to train the pilots than they actually flew and most impacts were not severe enough to perform the task they were supposed to perform. Japan chose to implement the Kamikaze Pilot as a strategy in the hopes of severely crippling American Aircraft Carriers and other American Warships in the Pacific.

Why are the kamikaze looked on as heroes then and now in japan?

The purpose of a Kamikaze was to fly his plane into the enemy and afflict the most damage possible. The reason why they were and are heroes is simply because they sacrificed their lives when becoming a Kamikaze pilot.

How many kamikaze pilots did japan have during World War 2?

A lot, aat least 5,000. But all pilots were potential kamikaze pilots.

Where can you download kamikaze missions for IL 2 Sturmovik 1946?

Check SAS 1946 : IL2 Bytes Back, they have a range of mods and missions, maybe you can find one.

What are drink names that start with the letter k?


When did Japan begin using kamikaze attacks?

japan didnt use kamakazi attacks until late in the war when it was losing.

When was the term Kamikaze first used why?

Kamikaze means 'divine wind'. It was first used when a huge storm stopped Genghis Khan's navy from reaching Japan in his attempt for conquest. It is latterly used for the suicidal pilots from Japan in WW2.

Why was Kamikaze important to Japan?

I don't honestly know but it was to please their emperor on a suicidal mission

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