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Why did Jef Hardy get out of the WWE?

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he left because he got arrested for drug possesion

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Jeff Hardy will be back in WWE eventually. As of 2010, Jeff Hardy is signed with WWE.

not for sure. Matt Hardy is already in the WWE though.

It is unknown when or if Jeff Hardy will be returning to WWE.

jeff hardy return to wwe in royal rumbel 2012 and if he is not return jeff hardy never come back to wwe

No he is not in the wwe anymore. Jeff Hardy is now in now on TNA.

Yes it is obvious the high-flyer is on top of WWE!!!!! Hardy Hardy

Jeff Hardy will come back to WWE when the time is rightby.Jeffrey Nero Hardy

Jeff Hardy entered the WWE back when it was the WWF in 1998

ick jeffhardy come back to the wwe plz Jeff plz plz plz Jeff hardy jef plz come back man come back dude

Jeff Hardy did not retire. It was a storyline. Jeff Hardy left WWE to heal from all the injuries that he had sustained while in WWE including a neck injury.

In tna Jeff hardy is a bad and mean person but in wwe Jeff hardy is a good and nice person in tna people boo Jeff hardy in wwe people cheer for Jeff hardy tna stinks wwe rocks wwe is way better than tna a million times better wwe forever

Because Jeff Hardy has left the WWE to join TNA Wrestling and Matt Hardy has retired. So, they both cannot team up back in the WWE

No. Matt Hardy has never won the WWE Title. He is a multiple time WWE Tag Team champion and has also won the WWE United States championship. His brother Jeff Hardy has been a WWE champion

Jeff Hardy is on TNA wrestling

wwe Jeff hardy is christian

Tak Jeff Hardy jest Super Star WWE

They are not only friends in the WWE but also real life brothers

Yes, Matt Hardy is back at WWE and is currently in the RAW brand..

As of now, it is not clear whether Jeff Hardy will come back to the WWE.

Jeff is not returning to WWE

No. He is not the current WWE Champion. C M Punk is the current WWE Champion. In fact, Jeff Hardy is not even with WWE. He is currently with TNA Wrestling

Jeff Hardy leaving WWE in 2009 was a storyline. He left WWE to heal his injuries, including a neck injury.

As of now there is no news about Jeff hardy coming back to the wwe

I don't think Jeff Hardy will come back to the WWE but Jeff Hardy is on TNA check it out on Spike TV.

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