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Q: Why did Jeff hardy go heel in 2010?
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Can you change Jeff hardy color on svr 2010?

Go To Creat A Superstar And Click Superstar Threads

When will Jeff hardy retrun in 2010?

he might go to TNA or might not wrestle again

Did Jeff hardy go to jail in 2010?

maybe he probably did when he had to leave the wwe but i think he wouldn't do that

Has Jeff hardy go a girl freand?

Jeff Hardy has got a girl friends...

How do you create a new Jeff hardy on svr 2010 with no face paint?

go to create modes and create him .

What collage did Jeff hardy go to?

Ever heard of Wikipedia ? Check there . ;). Search Jeff Hardy

Where can you get WWE Jeff hardy coloring pages to print?

go to and go to the search bar and put in Jeff hardy

Did Jeff hardy go to collage?


Did Jeff hardy go to jail on the 2 December?

No he did not, his court date was pushed back to January 27, 2010.

Can you expect Jeff Hardy to return to in 2010?

Sorry, But No im related to Jeff an Matt Hardy and im 12 so its pretty cool anyways no because Jeff's deciding if he should go to TNA but in 2011 he may but you never no what the future holds!

Is Jeff hardy in tna currently?

yes jeff hardy is in tna becuase he signed a contract to go into tna

How do you get WWEs Jeff hardy theme?

You can go to type in wwe themes Jeff hardy new or old