The Louisiana Purchase

Why did Jefferson feel the Louisiana Purchase might be unconstitutional?


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Because presidents can't buy stuff they can only make treaties.


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Jefferson, and others, believed that the purchase of land by the national government was unconstitutional because there was nothing in the Constitution directly giving the government that power. Others convinced Jefferson that it was an "implied power" of the national government, just like Hamilton argued for the National Bank. Supporters of the purchase convinced Jefferson not to wait for an amendment to be passed because Napoleon might not wait that long before he sold it to some other nation.

Jefferson was originally a strict constructionist when it came to the Constitution. That meant that he believed the government could only do what the Constitution said it could do. There was nothing in the document that gave the federal government the right to purchase land. Jefferson at first wanted to get an amendment added to the Constitution to give the national government the right to buy land. But, Jefferson was also a pragmatist. His advisers convinced him that Napoleon might withdraw the offer of Louisiana at any time so Jefferson agreed to make the purchase.

because it could have expanded the land of America

Many Federalists were afraid that new states in the Louisiana Territory might become Republican.

Jefferson reversed his opinion on the stric interpretation of the constitution by the purcahse of the Louisiana Territory.By completing the purchase, Jefferson had to put aside his principles because the allowance for this type of transaction was not expressly listed in the Constitution. Waiting for a Constitutional amendment might cause the deal to fall through. Therefore, Jefferson decided to go through with the purchase. Luckily, the people of the United States basically agreed that this was an excellent move.

The addition of new territories through the Louisiana purchase alarmed many southerners, including North Carolinians. As territories acquired by the Louisiana purchase applied for admission to the union, they might apply as free states, states that had banned slavery. Doing so would throw the balance in congress to free states, who might then move to ban slavery throughout the nation.

It might be seen by the Coalition as providing aid and comfort to their enemies.

My concerns would be that i live in a land under a new management and what if they try to kill us.

The constitution does not specifially grant the president the power to purchase land. His opponents in congress might have used this against him at best to refuse to authorize payment at worse to try and impeach him. However the possibilities of so much land convinced them to go along.

The Louisiana Purchase gave the US the chance to control the Port of New Orleans, a major port for trade. It also allowed settlers to move farther west than ever possible before. Citizens in the East were running out of land to farm and build settlements, so the Louisiana Purchase allowed citizens to move West and farm. It gave the United States control of a large amount of natural resources in the West and helped farming become a major staple of the economy. It increased the real concept of Manifest Destiny, One Nation from sea to shining sea. Also If Jefferson had not bought the Louisiana purchase France, England and Spain might still have some land in North America. By purchasing this piece of land, the size of the United States just about doubled.

Yes, he was. .He was particularly concerned about this type of transaction which was not expressly listed in the Constitution. Therefore, a Constitutional amendment should have been required, with a consequent waste of time, which might cause the deal to fall in the meanwhile. So he had to put aside his principles and go through with the purchase.

The Louisiana purchase added a great deal of territory to the US. This territory eventually became settled and new states were formed. As each new state was formed, the question of allowing slavery in it arose and was important because slave states were fearful for a long time that fugitive slaves might not be returned or that slavery might be abolished if a majority of states did not allow it.

In short, Hamilton felt that the Acts would bring the country together and would expel any alien residents who might have supported the French at a time when America was on the brink of war with the French. Jefferson felt that it was unconstitutional and feared it as another power grab for the national government.

What reason might the federalists have for Opposing President Thomas Jefferson's plan

Because when a law is not fully pass in the government system, they ignore it and later just declare the law unconstitutional

No, an Appeals Court cannot 'find' a law unconstitutional. They might declare a law to be unconstitutional IN THEIR BELIEF, but they can only overturn the decision of the lower court and/or return it to them for further action or consideration. Only the U.S. Supreme Court can find a law unconstitutional.

They determined the extent of lands to the West that might become part of the US. Incited by the Louisiana Purchase, this began the theory of Manifest Destiny.

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For starters, It doubled the size of the United States at the time, and it provided more land. He was already about to send out Lewis and Clark on their expedition, and this was a benefit, because they now owned the land. Also, It gave them the land Napolean and other French might use and had planned on using to attack the US. Hope this helps.

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Very true. When Napoleon decided to sell, Jefferson was concerned that the US might lose access to New Orleans if the country that bought the land didn't want to let Americans use it to get to the Mississippi. He sent to diplomats to buy New Orleans and just New Orleans. In fact, he probably panicked when he found out he'd doubled the size of the country because there was nothing in the Constitution that directly governed adding new territory.

The way Jefferson felt about the possibility that France might close off The Missisippi River was perturbed.

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