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Thomas Jefferson one of our best-known champions of constitutional democracy, believed in the common sence of the people and the flowering possibilities of the human spirit. Jefferson warned that every government degenerates when it is left only in the hands of rulers. The people themselves, Jefferson wrote, are the only safe repositories of government. P. E. Harrell

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Did Thomas Jefferson insist on a great deal of formal ceremony?


What concept of government do americans insist on?

A democratic type of government.

What did secretary of war Jefferson Davis of Mississippi insist be removed from the first design of thomas crawford's statue of freedom?

The Liberty Cap

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Why do democratic governments insist on institutions?

democratic government insist on institutions as it is not practical for all people of democratic government to sit together everyday and take decisions on all matters .Institutions coordinates and distributes work in such a way that everything works out nicely.

How do you Help Someone who really wants to Kill Themselves?

Insist on getting help right away! Don't wait.

Why did the Virginia delegates insist that the new government have three branches?

So people can have equal powers.

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Why did the virgina delegates insist that the new government have three branches?

So that everyone could be equal in the government and not stress to make another one like they did.

Did Americans insist on the one-man-one-vote concept of government?


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Insisted is the past participle of insist.

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Because government policy do not agree and cannot insist that certain policies be adopter.

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Was the declaration written to give the British a good reason to battle?

Unlikely. It was written to insist on self government. A good enough reason for any people.

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It is on

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