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Why did Jesus not include subservience and obeisance to the Hebrew God in His Commandments in Luke Matthew and Mark?

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September 13, 2011 10:58PM

But He did

But Jesus did , When tempted in the widerness by Satan to do an act of worship to Satan, Jesus replied " It is Jehovah god alone you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service'He also affirmed the fact that the whole Law can be summed up in loving God with your whole heart soul and mind, and your fellow man as yourself. If you take the first few commands in the 'ten' commandments you will find they are to do with a mans worship of God . 'not bowing down to other gods, or making images, not profaning name, Then there is the example Jesus left us to follow, going off into the garden of gethsemanae, and falling down on his face prayed to his father in heaven to remove the cup from him.

Jesus' Commandments

Luke 18:20.. listed only 5 Cs

Thou knowest the commandments, (1) Do not commit adultery, (2) Do not kill, (3) Do not steal, (4) Do not bear false witness, (5) Honour thy father and thy mother.

in Matthew 19:17-19, #6 is not in Luke's or Mark's Cs.

. . . if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. He saith unto him, which? Jesus said, (1)Thou shalt do no murder, (2)Thou shalt not commit adultery, (3)Thou shalt not steal, (4)Thou shalt not bear false witness,(5) Honour thy father and thy mother: and,(6) THOU SHALT LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF

And in Mark 10:19, #5 Defraud not, is not in Luke's or Matthew's Cs.

Thou knowest the commandments, (1)Do not commit adultery, (2)Do not kill, (3)Do not steal, (4)Do not bear false witness, (5)DEFRAUD NOT, (6)Honour thy father and mother