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It could have somthing to do with the fact that jesus had to totally rely upon God to lead him and take care of that which he had no control over ,Jesus left because he had to forfill his Fathers plan.

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The gospels say that John the Baptist was imprisoned shortly after Jesus sought John out and had John baptise him. Given the relationship this implied, as well as the assertion in Luke's Gospel that John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins, it would seem strange that Jesus did not visit John in prison. Certainly, the gospels tell that John's followers had been allowed to visit him. Perhaps, Jesus did visit him but for some reason this was not recorded by the evangelists.

On the other hand, the evidence of the first-century Jewish historian suggests that John was not really imprisoned until 35 CE, long after the time of Jesus' mission. On the basis of historical chronology, Jesus could not have visited John in prison.

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Q: Why did Jesus not visit John the Baptist in prison?
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What did Jesus do when he heard John the Baptist was put in prison?

he withdrew into Galilee and settled in Capernaum

What did John the Baptist do after baptizing Jesus?

He kept preaching and baptizing until he was put in prison then beheaded.

Was John the Baptist the youngest disciple of Jesus?

John the Baptist was not a disciple of Jesus.

Why while in prison did John the Baptist send a message to his disciples asking if Jesus was the one who was to come if he had baptized Jesus?

Yes John did send his followers to Jesus to find out if Jesus was the messiah.

Did john the Baptist go to jail?

Yes John the baptist was put in prison by Herod, and he was brought from prison to be beheaded.

Is John the Baptist the same as John Jesus Disciple?

No, he is not. Jesus did not recruit his disciples until after John the Baptist's beheading by Herod. Jesus was originally a follower of John the Baptist until then.

Which was Jesus' cousin the apostle John or John the Baptist?

John the Baptist.

What was John the Baptist real name?

There was no John the baptist an there was no Jesus.

Jesus and John the Baptist who is the older one?

john the baptist

Is Jesus and St John the Baptist the same?

Not at all, Jesus is the son for God (if you are Catholic and believe so) where as John the Baptist is one of Jesus' Disciples. John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Why John the Baptist was very close to Jesus?

John the baptist then they are cousins.

What was John the Baptist to Jesus?

John the baptist was his cousin. Although there was an other John people think he is the cousin of Jesus but he was not, but he was a deciple.

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