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Why did John Cena and Maria break up?

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Well it is hard to breakup when you never dated the person in the first place.

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Did john cena and maria break up?

From any conclusion,yes,they did break up in 1998-2000

Why did maria and john cena break up?

They didn't break up they were just friends and now they still are :)

Why did John cena break up with kelly kelly?

because John cena kisses Y Maria and Kelly Kelly gets mad in John cena

Is there any chance that Maria and John Cena will end up lovers even though John Cena is already married because Maria and John Cena are like a sweet couple?

if cena dumps his current girl friend he mite but the chances are he won't

Did john cena and torrie Wilson break up?

no. they are engaged.

Did john cena break up with aj lee?


How can you make john cena and mickie James break up?

Cena and Mickie are not dating! John Cena is getting married to his high school sweetheart in July 2009

Why did john cena and Liz break up?

I am 50% sure the Liz cheated

Did john cena break up with trish stratus or trish stratus broke up with him?

they never dated

Did John cena and Nikki Bella break up?

John Cena and Nikki Bella are still together. Nikki Bella wants to get married and have kids, but John Cena does not see marriage or kids in his future. However, the couple is attempting to compromise.

Why did mickie and Cena break up?

They didn't break up in order to break up with some you have to date them and Cena and Mickie never dated in real life.

How do i see john cena a mickie James break up?

it is i mpossible wwe does not let the fans no they are going out

Why did john cena break up with mickie james?

beause micky James found out that john cena was cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend..................and then when she found out she started crying so cryed in the miz's arms

Why did undertaker beta up john cena if john cena helped them win?

its all about the entertainment

How long before Edge and Lita break up and will John Cena ever become the world WWE champion again?

I think the'll brake up soon and John Cena will not be the champ again. just like cens said he lost it all

Why did John Cena quit?

John Cena never quits. He is the never give up cenation commander.

Does Zendaya know John Cena?

No. Because John Cena is in WWE, and Zendaya is in Shake It Up which is in Chicago.

When did John cena and Mickie James break up?

In order to break up they would have had to date each other, they NEVER dated in real life!!! Cena is married to his high school sweetheart whom he has been with since high school, he has never dated any of the divas.

Will lania and john cena break up?

no,they will always be together,they can cheat on each other but they stay together they look good together

Did john Cena gave up anytime?

No i did not Yes, Cena has tapped out before, and the person above is not Cena

Can john cena beat up the great khali?

yes John Cena once picked up the Great Khalia in a match on RAW

Is john Cena and r-truth friends?

well yes and no but john Cena can want to beat him up

Where can you find pictures of John Cena?

On or and type in John Cena and several pictures will pop up.

Did mariea break up with dolph ziggler?

no dolph ziggler broke up with maria,maria did not want to break up with dolph ziggler

Who do you think will win cena or bastista?

its ovious its john cena he is really gonna beat up johhn cena

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