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First of all, Lady Gaga was born woman, second of all, who doesn't want to be a girl? :P

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I was lead to believe that she had a sex change. no she did not

Lady Gaga looks like a girl because......she is a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lady gaga is the hot and sixyest girl ever

Lady gaga is a girl, they can't have testical cancer.

Yes, Lady GaGa is from NY... My hometime girl

Lady Gaga has always been Female

No. Lady GaGa is a girl with female parts.

Lady Gaga is not a guy, she is a girl. And it is never wrong to love, ever.

Yes, on the official music video to Love Game Lady Gaga is kissing a police officer that is a boy at first, then changes into a girl. So, yes. Lady gaga does kiss girl.

No, she is not. Lady gaga is a Catholic, she went to a private religious school as a girl. GAGA is not a devil worshiper.

No! Lady GaGa has always been a girl! Just look at her birth name.

Lady Gaga did not changed her name. She took the name " Lady Gaga " from the Queen Song "Radio Gaga". Her real name is Stefania Gabriella Germanotta.

Lady gaga does not have a winkle because it was chopped off when she turned into a girl but she used to have one

Lady Gaga is not a guy....there are pictures of her as a little girl with her family and friends. Sorry!

Lady Gaga changed her gender because she thinks that a boy is boring

Lady Gaga is a girl not a man she didnt even use to be a man people just say that lady gaga use to be a man and if she was a man why would she be called lady gaga.

Lady Gaga is not that bad but if this is for your children I recommend that you try to stay a way from her music VIDEOS!

Lady Gaga is a woman. There have been rumors that she is a man or a hermaphrodite, but she is female.

If you mean stefani germanotta who is lady gaga, she is 25 years old

The reason she is called Lady Gaga is because growing up she was called Gaga and she used to dance with a girl called Lady Starlight and when she met her Starlight said, "Hello, I am Lady Starlight," and Gaga said, "And I am Lady Gaga!" Also there was a song called Radio Gaga by Queen and Lady Gaga liked that song! Thank You for asking!

No. Lady Gaga has not had a sex change. Those rumors are completely false. She is however, bisexual.

Yes she did.You can see that just type in pictures on Google: Lady GaGa before and after.

Lady Gaga is my opinion but any of you can change it though

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