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Lady Gaga is a singer because ever since she was little she would sing :)

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Lady Gaga is an american singer and songwriter.

* lady gaga is a famous singer

lady gaga is a singer/songwriter

Lady gaga actually used to be a stripper before she became a singer (shocker)

no lady gaga is not asong she i a famous singer

The most amazing singer ever means that it is the best thing known to man. Examples: Lady Gaga Katy Perry Rihanna Black Eyed Peas Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Adele Adele Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Usher Lady Gaga There are many more but they are the main.

Yes! Lady GaGa is a vocal singer she has gotten lots of nominies and hit songs

No, Lady Gaga is not a wrestling diva. She is a singer and songwriter.

Lady Gaga is not a business women she is just a singer

David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, and Michael Jackson inspired Lady Gaga to be a singer.

Lady Gaga felt she was always a performer, and was singer and dancing in bars at the age of 14. She was always for the music.

yes lady gaga is the most popluar popstar are singer

Lady Gaga is more famous because she is a singer

Yes, Featuring Always Have A Singer Are You Don't Know! You Cannot See Ft.The Featuring Was Have A SingerA Singer Was Featured By Aorist-edLady GaGa

Lady Gaga is a singer/songwriter.

Lady Gaga was always a singer, she has been performing as a singer since she was 14. But she has in the past also been a burlesque dancer.

No Lady Gaga is not the most famous singer. LOLShe is in the top 150.1 Michael Jackson2 Beatles3 Elvis Presley150 Lady Gaga

lady gaga is more famous she is a worldwide singer

Lady Gaga has never dated a woman publicly, as of July 2014. Lady Gaga is an award winning pop singer.

lady gaga is an extra awesome singer her voice is very nice that she's got more than a hundred billion fans all around the world !!! I Love Lady Gaga !

Yes she is and she is a great singer too!

no she isn't but lady gaga is and Natalie is kind of famous sister is called Natalie

Yes, when Lady Gaga was little, she was very into singing, so she took singing lessons and has been a singer ever since.

No, Lady Gaga is not for children. She has some reactions in her songs that are not nice, and she can also use swear words. Children shouldn't listen to Lady Gaga.