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Because people have eyebrows, and he wanted to make his paintings real, not like something out of a Science Fiction movie.

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There exist today 25 paintings by Leonardo or ascribed to him.

gave his life to his paintings. i guess you have not watched the da vinci code !

That would be a very good question. No, they do not have eyebrows. Leonardo Da Vinci was very different and creative when it came to his paintings. He created his own style of painting with the famous way he used light in his portraits. Just like in the "Mona Lisa". In this painting the drawing is so perfectly drawn that because of the shadows in the painting and the light, there are no eyebrows. Da Vinci doesnt use eyebrows in his paintings. He felt as if without them it would be more of a natural portrait. And how right he was, his drawings have become to famous today! Additional answer: The above is one way of looking at the question. One could also note that there were contemporary writings about the 'Mona Lisa' which praised how natural the eyebrows were. And some scholars believe the eyebrows have been erased by unprofessional cleaning.

Some of the paintings made by Leonardo DA Vince are the last supper and the Mona Lisa

The most famous paintings Leonardo da vincis were : The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci had a different way of painting with mixing colours. He did not put eyebrows on his painting. He changed the way people painted and made sculptures. He was famous for the way he used light in his portraits. It seemed as if you could see into the soul of the paintings.Addition:Experts do not agree why Mon Lisa's eyebrows are missing, they may have been there to start with.

He did not draw paintings, he painted them.

Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous paintings are Mona Lisaand the Last Supper.

Raphael's paintings are by Raphael, not by Leonardo.

Yes Leonardo da Vinci paintings are timeless because people will appreciate them no matter what time period it is.

Leonardo was part of the Renaissance, so his paintings and inventions added to this period.

Click link below to see all his paintings!

Leonardo da vinci painted 22 paintings.

He Painted the Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci is responsible for various famous paintings. Perhaps his most famous is the Mona Lisa, which can be seen at the Louvre in France.

Leonardo da Vinci was famous for many paintings. His most well known paintings include the "Mona Lisa", The "Virgin and Child with St. Anne", and "The Last Supper".

Leonardo Da Vinci painted many paintings.

Leonardo da Vincci did not make much money off his paintings during his lifetime but know they are worth millions of dollars.

Yes, Leonardo was Verrocchio's apprentice and took part in some of his paintings.

All we know is that there exist about 25 paintings of his today.

Leonardo da Vinci is known for Ink drawings, oil paintings, charcoal and pencil drawings.his type of art is oil paintings!!!

It is European Culture, in the Renaissance.

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