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Q: Why did Mackenzie found little support for his rebellion in Upper Canada?
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Explain why Mackenzie found little support for his rebellion in Upper Canada?

Mackenzie found little support in the Upper Canada rebellion because most of the leaders had been arrested, which caused the rebellion to lose most of its momentum.

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Why were people in lower Canada upset with their situation?

The war of 1812 had ended and the Loyalists of Britain were returning and expecting better, however they found that they were getting very little out of there fighting for Britain for 2 years. they realized that their lives were not going to get better unless the acted. So that led to the Upper Canadian Rebellion led by Mackenzie. In the mean time, A rebellion was being led by Papineau in Lower Canada. the English and the French were having conflict, Canals were being built instead of roads preventing farmers from transporting their goods to the city, so their lives were not getting any better dispite their loyalty. So Papineau organized a rebellion.What was preventing them from winning?Papineau= No guns, No Real Military Training despite their efforts to replicate itMackenzie= Poorly Organized, Poor Leadership, No Training wat-so-ever, waited too long before attack, etcHope this helps! :)

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