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Why did Mayans build observations?


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Why did the mayans build observations

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why did the mayans build observations

why did the mayans build terraces

The Mayans had adobe houses with thatched roofs. The Mayans had to build slowly.

the biggest building the mayans built was 20 storuies tall

They didn't build crops, they grewthem, mainly for food.

No. The Mayans were in Mexico several thousand years after the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Mexico, Belize and Guatemala

a house that took long to build

They used concrete and brick

Central & South America

the ancient mayans did not build the pyramids ancient egypt did

Mayans built there pyramids made out of stones cant believe u peeps do know this

they built large plazas and canals.

The ancient Mayan built pyramids.

they built their houses out of mud brick!

the mayans built one thing for shrines for their gods, and that would be temples or pyramids. Stepped pyramids

No, the mayans did not build a pyramid. They built a temple of stone. The eygptians built the pyramids.

They created accurate calendars based on observations of the sun, mon, and planets

they built their homes out of mud brick and grass

they built rain collectors if that what you looking for

They built homes from wood, mud, and or twigs

Religious ceremonies including human sacrifice

To have smooth roads that you can take to trade their goods

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