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Blanket's name is really Prince Michael II, the name Prince came from his grandfather, Michael Jackson's mother's father. Blanket is his nickname, and is a term of endearment, what is a blanket? We use blankets to feel warmth, to feel cozy, to feel comfort, Blanket was Michael saying his son is wrapped in love, in warmth, and comfort.


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His nickname is Blanket, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Blanket is a boy, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II.

Blanket is a nickname for the youngest child, whose given name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. Michael called him a 'warm blessing', like a blanket.

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson.Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (Blanket).

It is not Omar. His nickname is Blanket, but his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II

They aren't odd; Paris is a pretty regular name Prince is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr and Blanket is Prince Michael II. Prince is a family name and plenty of people name their kids after themselves in either first name or middle name, and blanket is a saying they use in the Jackson family, like blanket someone with love.

Prince Michael Jackson II.

Prince Michael Jackson II.

Blanket is legally known as Prince Michael Jackson, Prince (the older boy) is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, unless Michael changed his name Blanket is the only one with Prince Michael on his birth certificate so they do have different names.

no! Michael's sons name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( eldest ) and Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a blanket ( youngest )

Blanket (Michael Jackson's kid) is not a girl. The real name is Prince 2 but they call him Blanket. R.I.P MJ.yep blanket is a boy and that is his real name prince Michael II and R.I.P Michael Jackson mis you very much 09

Well his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II so it could be that.

yes, they are named price, Paris and blanket

Well Michael Jackson has 2 sons: Prince Michael Jackson I (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) Age 12 Prince Michael Jackson II (but better known as "Blanket") Age 7

Blanket is called Blanket because Michael uses that term to convey protection, comfort and support. He wants to "blanket" his children, as any parent would. He explains the name in the Martin Bashir documentary called Living with Michael Jackson. he also explained that "blanket" means love, or a blessing

Michael Jackson has two sons actually. Michael Jackson's oldest son is 13 years old, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I. His second son is 8 years old, his name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II also known as Blanket.

The older "Prince" is actually Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, for some reason he goes by "Prince" Michael, unless Michael legally changed his name. "Blanket' is the only one with Prince Michael Joseph Jackson on his birth certificate, and Michael Jr. has "Prince" as just a nickname.

Blanket's real name is Prince Michael Jackson the second and his older brother Prince, is also named Prince Michael Jackson, so the family calls the younger brother blanket.

Michael Jackson had 3 kids two boys and one girl His sons names were Prince Michael and Prince Michael II His daughters name is Paris Jackson.

Debbie Rowe was the mother of Michael's oldest children prince Michael Jackson and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. prince Michael Jackson II other wise known as (blanket) mother however was an anonymous surrogate.

Michael Jackson's child's name is Prince Michael II but nicknamed Blanket by Michael

Michael Jackson has 3 kids.Prince Michael Jackson I-- 13 February 1997(Debbie Rowe)Paris Jackson-- 3 April 1998 (Debbie Rowe)Prince Michael Jackson II (aka "Blanket")-- February 2002 (unidentified mother)Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. was his original name - it was changed when he divorced Debbie Rowe

No, that's just a nickname that Michael used as a term meaning blessing (he was saying that around the time he was born it was a blessing to have a healthy baby boy), his real name was Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II :)

Michael Jackson's oldest son, "Prince" Michael Jackson I (Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr.) is 20 years old (birthdate February 13, 1997).His half-brother, who is actually named Prince Michael Jackson II, was born February 21, 2002 and goes by the name "Bigi" (formerly Blanket).

He hung Blanket, or prince Michael Jackson the third, over the railing. But not in a threatening way, he just wanted to show his fans, he said that on one of the interviews i watched.

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