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Mother Teresa did not dislike wealthy people. In fact, many wealthy people helped support her work.

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How can a person be like Mother Teresa?

Helping the poor and sick people

Why is Mother Teresa like God?

Mother Teresa was not like God. Only God is like God. Mother Teresa tried to live a life that was in accord with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Why did Mother Teresa want to be like God?

Mother Teresa did not want to be like God, she wanted to do God's will.

Does a person necessarily have to live like Mother Teresa?

No one is obligated to live like Mother Teresa.

How was Mother Teresa treated by other people?

she was tread by other people by giving Mother Teresa any name that people wanted one of the names was called Calcutta which was bad name to give to Mother Teresa but in India Mother Teresa was tread by other people good because she done lots of thinks to them so India people like her and one of the thinks that she was helping was poor children that are dying so Indian people treated her nicely.

Who are the persons like Mother Teresa who serve the poor?

Every person with a heart can be just like Mother Teresa , we all are capable of helping people, but first we look at ourselves and don't even think about the poor.

What did Mother Teresa like at school?

When Mother Teresa was a child in Albania girls were not allowed to attend school. She was home schooled by her mother.

Did Mother Teresa like helping kids?

She loved helping all people but especially the children.

What is mother Teresa like?

a saint, but she is no longer with us

What do Mother Teresa like to do when she's young?

She like to be in church, read, sing and pray.Agnes(Mother Teresa) studied well, was once a soprano in choir and played the mandolin

Does mother get a capital?

Mother is capitalized only if it is part of a proper name, like Mother Teresa.

How was Mother Teresa like Jesus?

they both healed people who were injured and they made people feel happy! They did this with rainbows, unicorns and rainbowcakes !

How did Mother Teresa live?

She helped kids and adults in need...... like feeding the hungry and giving homeless people shelter and stuff like that.

Was Mother Teresa nice?

Yes! Mother Teresa is nice..obviously because of all the work she had done like helping the poor sick and also the dying.

What did Mother Teresa like?

Mother Teresa Liked helping the poor, sick, dying, and most of all she loved the un- lovely. She truly had God's heart.

How did Mother Teresa express her religious and moral beliefs?

Mother Teresa expressed her religious beliefs by firstly devoting herself to the catholic community as well as showing peace and understanding internationally to people like a good follower of christinaity should do.

What were Mother Teresa's special qualities and main interests?

Mother Teresa special qualities were: * Love * Kind * Caring * Helpful * Honest * Trustworthy Her main interest was to help the poor no matter where they came from and what they looked like. Mother Teresa is someone people should look up to as a hero.

Are there modern day disciples like Mother Teresa or Gandhi?

yes, there are but they don't have to be well known like mother Teresa or Gandhi, they could be someone like Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry who funded and created Comic Relief. :)

What did Albert do to change the world?

all that Albert did is to invent things whats so fascinating about that nothing UN like mother Teresa she was an angel sent from GOD and people should appreciate every thing That mother Teresa has done to the world weather u like her or not not i don't really care:) :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What actions did Mother Teresa take for her religious beliefs?

Mother Teresa said something like this: If there is an organisation against war - don`t invite me; if there is an organisation, supporting the peace -I`m in.

How did Mother Teresa behave?

Mother Teresa has always respected the world. she behaved like a mature lady because she knew that god is always looking at us to expect the greatness of our being

Who taught the golden rule?

Treat others like you'd like to be treated: Mother Teresa, I believe

Why did people like Mother Teresa?

She made a huge difference in our world. She helped end poverty, opened orphanages. She was an amazing Saint that people all over can look up to.

What did Mother Teresa like to do?

She liked doing the Lord's work of helping those in need.

What did Mother Teresa look like?

mother Theresa look like angelshe was tiny and energeticher face was quite wrinkled,but her dark eyes commanded attention

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